Palestinian Towns and Villages: Between Isolation and Expulsion
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Palestinian Towns and Villages: Between Isolation and Expulsion

This report draws on testimonies from Palestinians living all over the West Bank about their experiences living the ghettos created by the Israeli Occupation. In the course of our research, we have identified seventy-nine villages that are in a particularly critical situation, having been completely isolated by the infrastructure of apartheid. The level of restriction placed on these villages by the Occupation makes life within them socially and economically unsustainable.

In spite of the ever-tightening restrictions, Palestinians have been steadfast in their resistance and their determination not to relinquish their rights and land. Palestinian national identity and struggle have endured decades of Israeli policies of fragmentation, culminating today in the Bantustanization of the West Bank and Gaza. Among Palestinians in the ghettos, across the Green Line and in the Diaspora the spirit of defiance remains undimmed: ‘We will not live the Nakba twice’ is our message to the Occupation and the world.

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