Palestinian youth demand unity, continue hunger strike
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Palestinian youth demand unity, continue hunger strike

Palestinian youth in Ramallah continued their hunger strike today in the Manara. Staying in the square throughout the night, youth are have remained steadfast, demanding an end to the Palestinian political division and the democratic elections for the Palestinian National Council.

Youth are organizing independently, and latest news, statements and developments can be found or followed on Twitter as well as on their blog and Facebook page.

Above: Thousands attend a mass rally in Ramallah, calling for an end to the political division between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Above: Palestinians rally for unity in Ramallah on Tuesday afternoon.
Above: “Hunger strike for the sake of ending the division”
Above: A small group remained in the central square overnight, and have been joined by more over the course of Wednesday.
Above: Youth continue their hunger strike today in the central square of Ramallah.
Above: Hunger strikers and other supporters chant slogans for unity in Ramallah this afternoon.
Above: Youth have adamently refused attempts to co-opt their movement, stating: “Palestinian political parties, Hamas’ government in Gaza, Fayyad’s government in the West Bank, and a plethora of nongovernmental organizations are seeking to co-opt this movement to serve their narrow interests.”