Petition for Solidarity with the International Day Against the Wall!
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Petition for Solidarity with the International Day Against the Wall!

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Stop the Wall
Solidarity with the International Day Against the Wall!

We, the undersigned, are shocked and horrified by the Apartheid Wall being constructed by the State of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and call upon the leaders and peoples of the world to use all their influence to Stop this Wall Immediately!

Expected to be largest land grab since 1967, the Apartheid Wall in its current projection will allow for Israel the control of some one-half of the West Bank, and is expected to run to a length of some 650 kilometers. The Apartheid Wall (deceptively referred to as the “security fence”) is currently snaking its way up to 6 kilometers inside the West Bank, and in some areas will reach some 16 kilometers inside. The Wall consistently follows a path that allows for maximum settlement annexation and large-scale control of Palestinian lands.

Life behind the Apartheid Wall will become intolerable: Palestinians will be imprisoned in walled ghettos, deprived of the most basic human rights and lose large parts of their land, water resources, and sources of livelihood. Such oppression and misery has already begun in the areas where the Wall is currently being built; some 10% of the West Bank population is already affected by the destruction of the Wall’s “first phase”, unable to access their lands and sustenance. The latest opening of three “crossing points”—located on and dividing Palestinian lands–only further highlights the institutionalization of this land theft. In less than a month since the gates were opened, people have been shot, beaten, humiliated, and prevented from accessing their lands. This Wall and its so-called crossing points are inhuman and illegal.

Under the pretext of security, Israel is continuing to carry out, through the Apartheid Wall, its long-term policy of occupation, discrimination and expulsion that amounts to ethnic cleansing and to the destruction of the material basis for the survival and development of Palestinian society as a whole.

A free and sovereign Palestinian state will become impossible. Amidst the rhetoric of “negotiations”, the reality on the ground, with over 100 bulldozers working on a daily basis to continue construction, highlights the actual path that the Road Map is paving.

We the undersigned represent the popular voice of the people of the world. At the beginning of this Millennium, we continue to speak out loudly and clearly against war and occupation. We must raise our voice against this Apartheid Wall which is, according to international law, a “War Crime”, a “Crime of Apartheid”, and a “Crime against Humanity”.

The communities affected by the Wall, under the umbrella of the Palestinian led campaign against the Wall, have declared the “International Day Against the Wall” to coincide with the fall of the Berlin Wall, on November 9, 2003. We call on everyone to support this Palestinian call, which seeks much-needed worldwide momentum in order to stop the Wall.

We urge you to join us from today to exert your influence on the State of Israel and all other related parties with the demand to:

Stop and Demolish the Apartheid Wall Immediately!
Return all Lands Stolen for the Wall to their Palestinian Owners!
Stop the Occupation!

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