Stand with the Palestinian and Lebanese people: Stop Apartheid Israel NOW!
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Stand with the Palestinian and Lebanese people: Stop Apartheid Israel NOW!

Above: “Good morning, my Beirut” – Naji al Ali’s drawing appeared on the front page of the newspapers in Beirut the morning after the bombings started in 1982. A symbol of hope, which represents the roots of the continuing resistance of the Lebanese and Palestinian people.

Over 110 deaths in 2 weeks in Gaza and the complete destruction of all basic economic and social infrastructure. Almost 300 deaths and the destruction of all airports, main roads and bridges ensure “turning the clock back 20 years” in Lebanon. This is only a glimpse on the toll that the Palestinian and Lebanese – as well the Iraqi and Afghani people – pay as Israel and the US attempt to force through their strategic plans for the Middle East, based upon colonization and oppression.

The military machine rolls on and, in front of the daily scenes of killing and destruction, the US vetoes any UN response. The Arab “leaders” are silent, alongside the quiet complicity of international community. It is the people who still pay the price and the people who continue resisting.

It is high time that Palestinians and our Arab nation felt the clear support of people of conscience from across the world.

Isolate Apartheid Israel!
Protest against the complicity and support to Israeli Apartheid in your countries, academies, organizations and institutions!
Stop governments from backing the war machinery in the Middle East!
Demand the immediate withdrawal of diplomatic representatives to Israel!

[Click here to read the full Campaign statement]

For an immediate and unconditional cease-fire
***International appeal***

The international civil society and social movements are raising their voice and mobilizing throughout the world not only to express their indefectible solidarity with the Lebanese people, but also to build a huge international barrier against the global war of re-colonization of the world.
We are demanding

    • An immediate and unconditional cease-fire, in Lebanon as well as in the Palestinian Occupied Territories!
    • The implementation of full sovereignty to Lebanon and the national rights of the Palestinian people!
    • No NATO forces on the Lebanese territory!

We support the call of the international solidarity delegation in Lebanon for an international day of protest and solidarity on August 12th.

This international appeal has been initiated by members of the International Council of the World Social Forum.

See the full text and sign, Click Here.

Calls from Lebanon and Palestine:

A call from Haifa: our Hearts and thoughts focused on Gaza and Lebanon, Ameer Makhoul, Ittijah
“I want also to make clear that WE, the Palestinian citizens of Israel, reject Israeli propaganda which is tries to portray us all in the same boat. We are part of the Arab peoples, and specifically Palestinian people, and our people are suffering under Israeli aggression in both Gaza and the refugee camps in Lebanon. This is our ‘boat’ and our hearts are there these days not in Haifa where we are based.”

Gaza University Teachers’ Association calls for academic and cultural boycott of Israel, 12th of July 2006
“We academics of Gaza universities, noting the call by the Congress of South African Trade Union and other South African civil society organizations for their government to boycott Apartheid Israel, welcome this courageous decision. We call on all other freedom loving people to join hands with the South African people in their show of solidarity with the brutally oppressed Palestinian people.”

Stop Israel’s siege and attacks on Gaza, Online Petition, PENGON
“The aim of the Occupation is clear to all that want to see: breaking Palestinian determination to resist within the Bantustans in Gaza or the West Bank and weakening opposition to the Israeli apartheid system faced on a daily basis. It is a message to all of our people within Palestine and all over the world that the Israeli plan for “final borders” that ghettoize our people on 12% of our land requires our surrender – to be forced upon us via bombs and starvation.”

The Fifth Day of Aggression, circular of the communist Party of Lebanon, 18th of July.
“This aggression is a part of the Zionist-American plan for the region and is furthermore an act of aggression undertaken with international permission and cover, in particular that of the United States of America, which is using the Security Council and the United Nations as tools with which to exert pressure and control.”

Appeal from the left: Call for Action Against Israel’s War on the Palestine and Lebanon
“The issue for us is clear. It is the presence of a fascist and racist regime in Israel. US imperialism, its allies and military power in Israel, proves that the issue has nothing to do with democracy or freedom. Their democracy is nothing but murder, destruction of houses, bombardment of electrical and fuel installations, and the indiscriminate targeting of children. The Israeli regime has indicated that they will not stop. In these days, there is no space for compromise. It is either resistance or collaboration.”

A Call upon the International and Regional Communities: Say STOP to Israeli War on Lebanon, Arab NGO Network for Development, 16th of July
“We call upon all concerned civil society organizations around the world to voice out their refusal for the current attack on Lebanon and the ineffective role of the United Nations whether at the level of Security Council or at the level of their peacekeeping troops on the grounds which are failing to protect the threatened civilians from the massacres resulting from Israeli attacks on Lebanon. We call upon Arab civil society groups to mobilize on a regional and international level”

Concluding Statement of the Fourth International Convention of Al Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, 17th of July
“These assaults also aim to break the will of the Palestinian and Lebanese people, such that US imperial and Zionist hegemonic interests can reign supreme throughout the region. This is consistent with US policies in the Arab East, specifically with regards to the US occupation of Iraq, which we likewise continue to condemn in the strongest possible terms, while demanding its immediate cessation.”

Calls and statements of solidarity:


“It is evident that the empire seeks death and the extension of lies, that its real purposes focus on the target of stimulating Israel’s expansionist policy, granting that country total impunity in its genocidal policy against the Palestinian people, the attack against Lebanon and its destruction, and in its violations of the aerial space and renewed threats against the Arab Republic of Syria.”

South Africans calls for end of diplomatic ties with Apartheid Israel and prepares for popular mass campaigns!
“Israel is fighting the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people; it is fighting the Palestinian Authority; it is fighting the Palestinian people as a whole. Its actions and atrocities are all a part of its collective punishment of the Palestinians. Israel forgets that you cannot bomb a people into submission, and that moral right is ultimately stronger than the executioner’s menace. As South Africans we know this only too well.”

End the Genocide against the Palestinian people! Let us stop the new imperialist war that is being plotted in the middle east!. Cuban Movement for Peace and Peoples’ Sovereignty
“How bad these times are when fascism seeks to be the standard-bearer of democracy and state terrorism still makes believe to a great deal of people in the World that wild military aggressions, territorial occupation and genocide against entire peoples and regions for the control of the last scraps of natural resources are part of the democratic vocation and of the alleged fight against terrorism!”

STOP the War Coalition (Philippines) call on Gloria M. Arroyo Government to Condemn Israel for Escalating War in the Middle East
“We demand that the Philippine government recalls its ambassador from Israel and begin the process of severing all diplomatic ties with that state until it complies with international law and ends the occupation of Palestine. As our elected representatives, our government should take a stand in favor of international law and justice, summon the Israeli ambassador to protest, and expressly condemn Israel for its actions in international for a and organizations.”

NADEL (SA) condemns Israel’s flagrant breach of international humanitarian law
“The National Association of Democratic Lawyers of South Africa condemns the flagrant breaches of international humanitarian law and the violations of the human rights of Palestinians further exacerbated by the latest attack by Israel on the residents of Gaza in Palestine. … Forget about the hypocrisy of the governments of the USA and the EU states. By virtue of our history, we have an obligation to support the just struggle of the Palestinian peoples right to self-determination.”

National Lawyers guild urges all to act now to protest and end Israel’s crimes against humanity & brutal aggression against Palestine and Lebanon
“The recent devastation in Palestine and Lebanon magnifies the ever-present reality of the brutal, violent, and racist occupation of Palestine and continued aggression against Lebanon. It is imperative for all people of conscience to stand in solidarity with our Palestinian and Lebanese brothers and sisters in their struggle against Israeli and U.S. occupation, aggression and imperialism. It is also imperative that we continue to fight for an end to the U.S. occupation in Iraq.”

Protests around the world:
International solidarity is gearing up all around the world. While the international community is muted and complicit with the Zionist crimes, the people are going to the streets to protest Apartheid Israel and the international support it receives.

For an incomplete list of protest all around the globe, click here.

Blogs and websites with updated and information:
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“Dear friends and colleagues:

You will all have to excuse me for sending this. It’s pictures of the bodies of babies killed by the Israelis in South Lebanon. They are all burnt. I am almost certain these pictures won’t be published in the West (corporate media), although they are Associated Press pictures. I need your help exposing them if you can..” –

Hanady Salman, As Safir, Beirut

Israeli children sends gifts to Lebanese children:

Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern Israel, next to the Lebanese border, Monday, July 17, 2006. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

Lebanese children receive them: