It seems almost clichéd to note the perpetual framing of Palestinian discourse around our “situation” as “very sensitive and complicated”. This has always been the case within Palestinian history. Subduing resistance to the Occupation, as if we are on the verge of some kind of monumental negotiations breakthrough, has been a common narrative in de-railing and demobilizing the Palestinian struggle. The current trajectory of the Palestinian struggle has brought this issue back to the surface.

For the last month the villagers of Bil’in and Saffa have been resisting the construction of the Apartheid Wall on their lands. This is a typical story of struggle and confrontation against the building of the Apartheid Wall across Palestine.

The Occupation’s bullets and bulldozers may destroy this land, devastate its nature and injure its people. However, it will never quell the spirit, determination and resilience of the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom.



On the 16th of February 2005, a supplement in a Jerusalem NewsPaper featuring the Apartheid Wall, was published under the joint co-operation between the Palestinian Red Crescent, Medicins du Monde and the Israeli Physicians for Human Rights. The supplement, in Arabic and Hebrew, asked readers to cut out a series of pictures, and to create their own montages of the Palestinian “reality”. It contained statistics on the health impacts of the Wall on the Palestinian population through artistic posters.

Following the reports of Palestinian resistance during February and March, one cannot help but notice two striking features:

Work on the Apartheid Wall here began in June 2004. Sustained popular resistance from Deir Ballut and Zawiya villagers began at the same time as the building of the Wall with daily demonstrations by huge numbers of people from the villages. Eventually, the number of people who were being seriously injured, and the sheer resilience of the people of Deir Ballut forced the Occupation Forces to stop work on the Apartheid Wall for six consecutive months.

The New "Disengagement Plan" Map shows the completed sections of the Apartheid Wall in the northern West Bank (in black) and the remaining planned sections in blue. The Occupation’s first phase of the Wall in the northern West Bank, from Zububa village in the Jenin district to Masha village in the south of the Qalqiliya district, resulted in 51 villages losing most of their agricultural lands behind the Wall. In villages like Jayyus in Qalqilya and Qaffin in Tulkarem, the Wall annexed some of the most fertile lands in the West Bank, leaving Palestinians with nothing.

A spider network of settler roads, bridges and tunnels continue to surround Palestinians villages and towns further ghettoizing them. The Occupation Forces have begun constructing 24 tunnels for Palestinian use while they remain barred from settler-only roads. Such roads, and the obligatory security zones which accompany them, separate Palestinians from their lands, isolating villages and towns from each other. Six tunnels are already completed, the rest under construction or pending.

The Wall around Bethlehem is in actuality part of the so–called “Jerusalem envelope” that starts from the settlement of Bet Horon to the northwest of Jerusalem city all the way to Kfar Etzion settlement in the very south of the Bethlehem District. This section of the Wall will:




This fact sheet documents the appalling plan for Palestine that is shaping up behind Israeli slogans of "disengagements," a comprehensive scheme for colonial domination and conquest based on racial discrimination.

Palestine is in the headlines of the Western mainstream media again. The preparations for the elections give everyone enough news to cover – or rather: they give the media enough news to cover up what is actually developing on the ground. But it is this current situation on the ground that will, if it is not stopped in time, more effectively shape the future for the Palestinian people than any electoral process ever could.

On Nov. 29, Jayyus residents awoke to find yet a new disaster befalling their already beleaguered Palestinian farming village of 3,000, in the form of a massive new land confiscation.

Construction of the Apartheid Wall by Occupation Forces in the village of Jayyus, located in Qalqiliya district, began in October 2002. During the first stage of the construction of the Wall, 72% of Jayyus’ lands, some 8,600 dunums, were confiscated and now fall behind Wall. The Wall now totally separates the people of the village from their livelihood (70% of the 3,000 inhabitants of Jayyus have been totally dependent on agriculture). Tens of thousands of trees have been uprooted, and valuable water resources, olive and citrus groves, and greenhouses are isolated behind the Wall.

Ariel Sharon is surrounded by a coterie of "advisors" who step in to develop, perfect and sell plans for the continued and inexorable dispossession of the Palestinians. What is surprising is that these advisors, the intellectual progenitors of continuing mass crimes, are an outspoken bunch; they don't shy away from revealing their latest fiendish plans or their true intent. There is no need for conspiracy theories; their intent and plans are out in the open.

It was the timing with which Israel began the construction of the Apartheid Wall in the northern West Bank in June 2002, together with the way this construction has proceeded, that made it clear for the Palestinian people that this would turn out to be a massive Occupation “project.” It was begun only two months after the so-called “incursion” by the Occupation of the West Bank; the residents of Nablus and Jenin were still searching for the bodies of their martyrs benea

This fact sheet highlights the meaning of the term “Apartheid”, its different oppressive apparatus, and how Apartheid continues to take place in Palestine from its roots in a colonialist and racist project to today’s Apartheid Wall. The fact sheet looks at the policies of suppression, segregation, labour exploitation, expulsion, land control, humiliation and murder enacted by the Occupation that are: Apartheid in Palestine.


Tear Down the Apartheid Wall! Boycott and
Sanctions! Free Palestine!

2nd Palestinian National and International Week
against the Apartheid Wall, November 9-16

The Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign is gradually making its activist material available in Spanish, to ensure that solidarity with Palestinian struggle against the Apartheid Wall, Israeli Apartheid and Occupation spreads globally! The latest campaign posters and stickers against the Apartheid Wall, Israeli Apartheid and Occupation calling for boycott and sanctions are downloadable here in Spanish.


This poster against Israeli Apartheid and the Apartheid Wall shows the reality behind the 8 meter-high concrete blocks: the Palestinian people enclosed in open-air prisons, and the destruction of lives and a society. The image of Soweto recalls the struggle of the South African people against the white racist regime when their struggle, supported by effective international boycott and sanctions campaigns, brought to an end the Apartheid regime. Download the poster and make the reality of Israeli Apartheid in Palestine known in your streets!

Get the new sticker of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign! The call for sanctions and boycott on Israeli Apartheid is stamped on the image of the Apartheid Wall. The strong colors of the Palestinian flag and the clear-cut design make sure that the sticker can be printed in all formats and has, as well, a strong impact in small size to be put everywhere. It is an ideal activist resource for your boycott campaigns!

Download the sticker as a PDF [300KB]


Download the Campaign poster for the 2nd International Week against the Apartheid Wall and use it for your mobilization! The poster summarizes the Campaign calls against the Apartheid Wall and against Racism, Colonialism and Occupation and for widespread popular boycott campaigns to pressure governments to impose sanctions on Israel and to Isolate Israeli Apartheid.

Download the poster as a PDF [60MB]


The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague, despite intense pressure from Israel, the US and EU Governments, confirms what Palestinians and the world have known since the beginning of its planning and construction – THE WALL IS ILLEGAL!

Occupation Forces are working non-stop in the Hebron District to build the Apartheid Wall, at the time of the olive picking season, ensuring further losses and devastation. Destruction for the Wall began last month, in September, in the district’s southwest villages of Beit Awa, Deir Samit, and Al Sikka.






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