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The "Convergence Plan" Map - reframing the Palestinian ghettos

... Above: To Download in PDF, Press here [600KB] (Maps, The Apartheid Wall) ...

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New Demolition Orders for Tunnels in Habla Perpetuate Racist Expulsion

... village, south of Qalqiliya, a new confiscation order with maps outlining the construction of tunnels between Habla and Qalqiliya City. ***image2***According to the maps, the tunnel will extend from the Wall’s southwestern gate of Habla and ...

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The Apartheid Wall in Ar Ram Reinforces Zionist Apartheid

... Download this Map in PDF [4 MB] (Maps, ar-Ram, Economic Hardship, Ghetto, Ram, ramallah) ...

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The Wall -- Not its Route -- Creates Apartheid

... court asked the Occupation military to come back with new maps for the Wall’s path in that area that will take into consideration the ... Considerations or Political Considerations? The maps and confiscation orders that the Palestinian villages in Northwest ...

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New Map Shows that the Most Destructive Aspects of the Wall Will Remain, Despite Court Ruling

... ghettos.   (Maps) ...

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Trapped Like Mice: Palestinians Under the New Israeli "Disengagement Plan"

... the result of U.S. and international pressure demanding maps that would enable them to defend the Wall in front of their constituencies ... (From Palestine, Apartheid, Disengagement, latest, map, maps, New, Wall) ...

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Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign's Flash Presentation

... offers the history of the Apartheid Wall, with occupanying maps that illustrate the general Occupation plans in Palestine and the West Bank and Jerusalem in particular. Additionally, the maps included clearly explain the Wall’s path through the entire West ...

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Deir Ballut: Occupation Forces Begin Bulldozing Village Lands for Apartheid Wall’s Construction - Palestinians Resist Latest Wave of Ghettoization

... returned briefly in December to resume bulldozing with new maps for the Apartheid Wall which they claimed contained “modifications” ( ... However there was little difference between the new maps and the original plans to expropriate and make Palestinians prisoners in ...

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Adverts wiping Palestine off the map removed after protest

... tube, following massive pressure and complaints. These maps mirror Occupation practices on the ground, which include the annexation of ... adverts) by PSC members and supporters. These maps used in these advertisements, however, were not a mistake. Rather, the ...

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Haaretz: “Israeli settlements in the West Bank legally expanded by nearly 8,000 dunams (1,977 acres)"

... shown in the comparison of the Civil Administration maps of settlements for 2011 and 2012 and proves that the process of annexation ... paves the way for the provision of new building maps for the expansion of existing settlements. To take one of many ...

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