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300 dunums confiscated west of Jenin

... al-Gharbiya where they distributed confiscation orders and maps clarifying which lands will be stolen. In total, 300 dunums will be lost. ...

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Land confiscation to fortify apartheid road in Ramallah district

... and Ras Karkar, northwest Ramallah city. According to the maps that accompanied the Occupation’s orders, the confiscated land will be ...

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Four people injured in Bil'in while dozens in al-Khas and Nu'man stand against settler attack

... in 1947. People carried a big placard with 4 Palestinian maps: one of historical Palestine, the second showing the Partition plan and ...

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Students' "Freedom Exhibition" amplifies the voice of Jenin

... consists of caricatures and a third presents photos and maps gathered by the Campaign. A documentary entitled “Silence shouting in ...

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Between Walls – Villagers in Bethlehem squeezed by further land confiscation

... order was distributed in May of 2005, together with maps that indicated the construction of the Wall to the West. However, since ...

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Occupation Forces Confiscate Another 770 Dunums of West Bethlehem Land: 22,000 Palestinians Ghettoized between Walls and Colonies

... a hellish prison. Fresh confiscation orders and maps reveal 756.5 dunums will be stripped from the villages of Batir, Hussan, ...

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Preparations for the Wall in Salfit, demonstrations in Deir Ballut, and land confiscation in Zawia

... orders for 316.9 dunums of village lands, including maps showing the path of the intended Wall. The soldiers had informed the ...

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Home Demolitions for the Apartheid Wall

... the demolition orders in the Israeli Occupation Courts. Maps distributed earlier this month to residents of Anata from the Occupation ...

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Exhibition in Osaka for Resistance and Solidarity

... on the struggle in Palestine was shown, photographs and maps of the Wall were displayed and informational flyers were distributed with ...

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Huge Mobilization in Belgium Sends a Call for Justice in Palestine

... had plenty of information stations set up with maps and photos of the Wall as well as petitions against the Wall for people to ...

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