Marda Villagers Under Attack as Resistance to Occupation and Apartheid Wall Steps Up

Several villagers were injured on Tuesday 21st July, as resistance to the Apartheid Wall and Occupation continued in Marda. Occupation Forces attacked Palestinians attempting to reach their confiscated lands, and fired tear gas canisters into houses and at demonstrators. Villagers remained steadfast in their rejection of the Apartheid Wall, which will work in conjunction with […]

Occupation Forces Issue House Demolition Orders to Residents of Anata for the Building of the Apartheid Wall

***image2***Last Thursday, September 2, the Occupation Forces forced demolition orders upon three Palestinians home owners in Anata, northeast of Jerusalem. The three houses threatened for demolition are owned by the Fhidat family in Anata. Younis Mohammad Younis Fhidat stated that the Occupation Forces issued orders for the demolition of three homes that are owned by […]