Occupation Forces Issue House Demolition Orders to Residents of Anata for the Building of the Apartheid Wall
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Occupation Forces Issue House Demolition Orders to Residents of Anata for the Building of the Apartheid Wall

***image2***Last Thursday, September 2, the Occupation Forces forced demolition orders upon three Palestinians home owners in Anata, northeast of Jerusalem.

The three houses threatened for demolition are owned by the Fhidat family in Anata. Younis Mohammad Younis Fhidat stated that the Occupation Forces issued orders for the demolition of three homes that are owned by the family. These houses are located on the eastern part of the village nearby an Occupation Army Base built on village lands, and just 50m from the houses. Fhidat also added that the real reason for the demolitions is that the houses are in the way of the Apartheid Wall’s path.

This is not the first time houses have been demolished in Anata for the Apartheid Wall. Last June, Occupation Forces demolished three homes in Anata on the eastern portion of the village near an Occupation detention center. Included in the demolitions were a Mosque and a house near Pisgat Ze’ev settlement, all of which are on the Wall’s path. Ten other houses in northern and western Anata are facing the same threat, while dozens of homes in Anata have already been demolished in recent years.


Occupation Forces began building the Apartheid Wall in Anata at the end of last June, on its eastern side. Anata is being turned into a canton that will be located between the Southern Ghetto and the Northern Ghettos; the, Wall will encircle Anata, Shuafat Refugee Camp and Dahiat Al Salam on all sides. At the same time, the Occupation Forces are building a bypass road starting from Anatot settlement and Almon, built on Anata village lands, passing northeast of Anata village and connecting to the new bypass “Road 45”. The Wall will be build to the west of the bypass road that is located east of the village and which will then confiscate most of Anata village lands, which are located in the eastern part of the village.

As part of the Wall’s ghettoization, the Occupation Forces are planning a road between Za’im, Anata and Hizma, where there will be a military checkpoint—a gate—at Hizma, in which Palestinians will find a “connection” to the Southern Ghetto that includes southeast Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron, while reaching the Northern Ghettos from Qalandiya.

The Apartheid Wall that is to isolate Anata from Jerusalem will prevent thousands of Palestinians who have established their lives and livelihoods in Anata due to its proximity to Jerusalem from reaching their workplaces or inside the Green Line.