Injuries and Threats to Close Access to Nabi Saleh Weekly Protest

Occupation forces suppressed the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh village, which came under the title of “Loyalty for Our Prisoners” in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners strike currently being held in occupation prisons. Many of these prisoners were incarcerated arbitrarily for their political actions against the occupation. Protesters were shot by metal bullets covered with […]

Dozens of Suffocation Cases Caused By Occupation Suppression of the Nilin Village Weekly Protest

The villagers of Nilin had conducted Friday prayers on their land near the Apartheid Wall. During the sermon, Murad Amira Al-Khatib mentioned the need to close ranks in the face of Occupation and called for the expeditious implementation of the reconciliation agreement. After finishing the prayer, dozens of citizens and foreign peace activists marched peacefully, […]