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What Will Come Next After the Apartheid Wall Is Completed?In Tulkarem: A Buffer Zone for the Wall on the Eastern Side 300 Meters Wide, New Confiscations, and New Demolitions

***image2***During November 2004, four new military orders were issued to the people living in the villages south of Tulkarem. These military orders emphasize the step-by-step policy pursued by the Occupation in order to impose a new reality on the ground. The completion of the Apartheid Wall in the northern part of the West Bank did […]

In Qaffin: The Apartheid Gates and the Policy of “Permits”

***image2***Occupation Forces continue to refuse to issue its so-called “permits” for the citizens of Qaffin village, located in the northern Tulkarm District. Only 650 people from Qaffin have “permits”, while the number of people that have requested to access their lands which the Occupation Forces have now made inaccessible due to the building of the […]