Week of Demonstrations Continue: Over 1000 Tulkarem Residents March to Wall’s Gate
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Week of Demonstrations Continue: Over 1000 Tulkarem Residents March to Wall’s Gate

A massive demonstration emerged today at 11 AM when more than a thousand Palestinians marched from Tulkarem city towards the gate of Ras Rummana to the north. Demonstrators flooded the streets with slogans loudly calling against the Apartheid Wall and demanding its demolition. Hundreds of people formed a crowd and headed towards the villages of Nazlat ‘Isa and Baqa ash Sharqiya, which are isolated west of the Wall and threatened to be entirely imprisoned by the additional Wall Israel is building to their west.

***image3***The demonstrators looked to meet with the rest of the demonstrators on the other side of the Wall but the Occupation Forces prevented all people from crossing, including placing razor wire 50 meters from the gate as a tactic to prevent the people from reaching it; the demonstrators pulled the wires away and proceeded to cross when the soldiers began shooting sounds bombs at the people. Three people were injured including a woman whose clothes caught on fire when one of the sound bombs hit her.

Despite the attacks, demonstrators continued marching towards the Wall while the Occupation Forces were shooting bullets and tear gas at them. Six additional people were wounded—one being a woman who fell beneath an Israeli military jeep. At this point the Occupation Forces arrested one individual and beat an organizer from the Tulkarem District Committee of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign.

The demonstration is part of a week of activities against the Apartheid Wall organized by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign as a continuation to November 9th, the National and International Day Against the Wall, when numerous demonstrations took place throughout the West Bank. Communities are preparing for more demonstrations for the rest of the week.