A Message of Solidarity Rings Loudly through the Streets of London
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A Message of Solidarity Rings Loudly through the Streets of London

In a powerful visual display, including mock Walls, banners, posters, music and chanting, the streets of London were transformed into a sea of solidarity with Palestinian mobilization on November 9.

***image2***A series of events took place throughout the day, as a mock Wall that started in Golders Green roamed from one city focal point to another, making stops in Camden Town, a busy Sunday market bustling with tourists and teenagers, and Covent Garden, before finishing in Trafalgar Square. In the Square, huge banners reading, “Walls Create Ghettos” and “Stop the Wall” were draped as well as other creative visual displays and representations of the Apartheid Wall marked with slogans calling for an end to the injustice of Israeli Occupation and Apartheid.

Banners and signs flooded the streets with slogans such as: “The Wall Must Fall”, “End Israeli Occupation”, “Support Israel, Boycott Caterpillar” and “Israel’s Apartheid Wall – Separation=Apartheid”. Other signs called the Wall a war crime, and referred to the racist way the Wall is ghettoizing Palestinian communities.

As the demonstration made its way through the city, passers-by and fellow demonstrator were rallied by powerful speakers and chanting that brought to the streets information about the Apartheid Wall and calls for its destruction. Street theater activists performed scenes from Palestinian checkpoints at the Wall and leaflets with important facts, maps and resources were distributed to hundreds. The Rhythms of Resistance samba band brought lively flavor to the day as a reminder that the struggle for justice is one of energy and hope in Palestinian communities and throughout the world. Demonstrators sang, danced, drummed and chanted there way through the streets, demanding that communities in London and throughout the world not be silent as the oppression of the Israeli Apartheid Wall rips through the fabric of Palestinian life.

The demonstration was organized by Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Just Peace UK, ISM (London) and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Similar protest also took place in Oxford.




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