“Wall” Winding through Oxford City Center Demands Attention
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“Wall” Winding through Oxford City Center Demands Attention

Surprise and interest were at peek levels in the city center of Oxford on November 9, when a mock Wall marched through the streets and shopping centers where local activists acted in solidarity with the International Call to Action against Israel’s Apartheid Wall. The marching “Wall” was one in a string of street theater activities organized by the Oxford branch of Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The event offered education and information and forced local shoppers and passers-by to take notice of the atrocities taking place in Palestine as a result of the Apartheid Wall and its ongoing construction.

***image2***In addition, demonstrators also organized mock checkpoints, questioning shoppers and pedestrians, demanding they present their permits for examination while other participants in the street theater symbolically played the role of Palestinians, experiencing further humiliation and arrest. The actors were made to kneel at the checkpoint with their hands behind their head, providing shoppers with yet another powerful image of the oppression experienced by Palestinians to consider. Educational fliers were distributed to provide additional education and understanding into the reality of life for Palestinians living under Israeli Occupation.

Simultaneously, for 2 hours, protesters displayed an 8 meter banner, designed to symbolize a section of the Wall in the city center. The banner was emblazoned with powerful anti-Wall slogans that demanded an immediate end to the Wall and the Occupation of Palestine. Anti-Wall activities also took place in a number of towns throughout the UK, including London, Sheffield, Bangor and York.


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