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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Mobilization at Carleton University Sends a Resounding Message of Solidarity against the Apartheid Wall

On November 9, in a compelling display of solidarity against the Israeli Apartheid Wall, demonstrators from SPHR (Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights) at Carleton University demanded an end to injustice through protest, rally and education. It is certain that the display will remain etched in the minds of participants and passers-by as a tremendous mock Wall, 110 feet long and 8 feet high blazed through the campus. The display ensured that the oppressive reality of the Apartheid Wall that is tearing through Palestine was placed in the center of attention and could not be ignored. Covering the mock Wall were posters, graffiti, anti-Wall and anti-Occupation slogans, as well as images and articles about the Apartheid Wall’s devastating impact on Palestinian communities.

The demonstration garnered strong support from pedestrians and fellow protestors, with lively, inquisitive discussion and networking marking the event. Scores of people visited the information table to ask questions, share information, learn about the reality of the Apartheid Wall and gather resources. Passers-by could pick up fact-sheets, maps, fliers, stories, pins and copies of the Anti-Apartheid Campaign’s book from the information booth.

Momentum will continue as SPHR is already mobilizing with other human rights groups in Carleton and throughout Canada. T-shirts and other resources have been created to spread the word about the Wall and organizers are working hard to continue their struggle in solidarity with Palestinian resistance.

For more information and to purchase excellent pins, t-shirts and other tools against the Wall, email and visit SPHR


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