Fridays in Occupied Palestine
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Fridays in Occupied Palestine

***image2***With increasing attention directed at the disingenuous “disengagement” from Occupied Gaza, the unrelenting construction of the Apartheid Wall is falling under the radar of international media. This intended political distraction calls attention away from the daily reality of land devastation and confiscation that Palestinian villages are facing as construction of the Apartheid Wall continues. Palestinian communities have maintained their opposition to Occupation Forces through weekly demonstrations. The intensifying mobilization of popular resistance sends a clear message that Palestinians remain firmly rooted to their lands and that the long term Zionist vision of the Wall will never succeed to sever us from Palestine!


Bil`in’s weekly demonstrations against the Wall are increasing in size, as hundreds marched onward towards the village’s confiscated lands. Occupation Forces are clearly threatened by the ever-growing vocal and persistent crowd, and prearranged an obstruction of razor-wire meshing sprawled across the road to prevent demonstrators from reaching where Occupation Bulldozers are operating in full force. Protestors refused the Occupation Forces “orders” to turn back from their own lands and were assailed with sound bombs, tear gas, and ammunition. Six people were injured, including a journalist working for the French press.



Protestors assembled in Imneizal on Friday around their confiscated lands and those areas slated to face the same devastating outcome. Earlier that morning, Occupation Forces declared the area a “closed military zone” to prevent media and other demonstrators from entering. The group did not abandon their demonstration, however. A prayer was given and villagers formed a large sit-in under the slogan of “No Peace with Apartheid and Settlements”. After the sit-in, speeches were shared among the community, calling out in force that the Apartheid Wall is a dire crime against our land, our family, and our humanity.

Southern Hebron

Four villages united on Friday in southern Hebron in solidarity against the Apartheid Wall that has begun to raze and destroy their lands. Villagers from Arab Ramadin, Yatta, `Idna, and Samooa` congregated in an area central to all four villages for a gathering of speeches. Each village addressed current impacts of the Wall, their concerns, and further plans for resistance, as their livelihoods are left in the wake of rubble, destroyed crops, and uprooted olive trees.

East Jerusalem

The local committee to resist the Apartheid Wall in Shofaat Refugee Camp, east Jerusalem, has announced an important gathering on Wednesday the 27th of July at 4:30 pm. The meeting is intended to generate and clarify a unified position and plan of action of resistance against the Apartheid Wall—which serves as a strategic 21st century mechanism of expulsion for the Occupation. The Wall being built near the Refugee Camp intends to excommunicate Palestinians from their historic capital as part of a greater Zionist project to Judaize Jerusalem.