Ghetto Gate Shut Down as Palestinians target Qalandiya
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Ghetto Gate Shut Down as Palestinians target Qalandiya

***image2***A huge crowd of people gathered in front of Qalandiya refugee camp and marched against the Qalandiya gate chanting angry slogans against the Occupation and waving Palestinian flags. Occupation forces rushed to the area to block the protest from reaching the checkpoint. Protesters confronted the soldiers and blocked the racist Qalandiya checkpoint for one and a half hours vowing that this was only the start of continued action and resistance – here and in front of all other ghetto gates that are imprisoning the Palestinian population depriving them of free movement and their lands and livelihoods.

The crowd of protestors from Ramallah was joined by representatives from different West Bank districts to reconfirm the unity of the Palestinian people and voiced their refusal to be herded through any forms of gates. Vowing to free their lands from Occupation and oppression, demonstrators chanted: “We are not born to live under humiliation! We are born to be free!”

The vicious system of ghetto gates is quickly developing on the ground. A total of 36 “terminals” in the West Bank and Gaza will impede free movement for Palestinians and allow total control for the Occupation over Palestinian lives. All of these gateways are constructed on Palestinian stolen lands.150 million dollars out of the 400 million dollar project are being financed by the US.

In the West Bank, the checkpoints of Qalandiya, Bethlehem and Huwwara (Nablus) are already completed. Qalandiya, being the biggest of them, forces around 60,000 Palestinians on a daily basis to enjure a a vicious system of gates, controls, interrogation and endless waiting to reach Ramallah. The population of the Jerusalem areas of Kufr Aqab and Qalandiya refugee camp that are now behind the ghetto gate on the Ramallah side are forced to undergo the same racist procedures to reach their city.