Eizarya continues resistance as construction of Apartheid Wall blocked for the 10th consecutive day
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Eizarya continues resistance as construction of Apartheid Wall blocked for the 10th consecutive day

***image2***A crowd of 150 people gathered in the village on Sunday November 20th and marched to their lands that will be isolated by the Wall. Since the first day when villagers stopped the Occupation bulldozers, the construction activities on the Wall have been halted on a daily basis. Not even the visit of the Occupation War Minister Mofaz to the surrounding settlements could ensure the completion of the work which aims to swallow Eizarya’s lands for the Ma`aleh Adumim colony.

The protestors gathered on their threatened lands, asserting their rights and their unrelenting determination to defeat the racist Wall. Occupation Forces arrived to expel the people from their lands, flooding the crowd with tear gas and making several failed attempts to arrest the youth of the village. The people of Eizarya remained steadfast to their lands until the afternoon, ensuring that the construction of the Apartheid Wall has been prevented for the 10th day in a row.

The people of Eizarya have given out an appeal to the world as they look for support for their struggle:

“Aizaria, Bethany has throughout our recent history been the target of the Israeli Occupation, losing much of its lands and all of its water resources. Today, the Occupiers launch another atrocious attack on our village and our people. The construction of the Apartheid Wall at a length of 9 km around our village surrounds it from three sides and seals it off from the vital connections with Jerusalem and the Northern West Bank. It is based on the continuous expropriation of Aizaria, Bethany land leaving the owners of the land with only 2000 dunums, from an area originally documented to be 11,179 dunums.

The latest Zionist tools to eradicate us from our lands is the most evident expression of the Occupation`s racism and aggression. It violates our sacred and non-negotiable right to live in dignity and freedom, and the most basic rules of international law recognized by the international community.

Today, we urge every individual as well as the “decision makers” to stand with our struggle and to respond to the principles of their conscience. Support us to gain our rights and to achieve Peace, Justice and to protect the fundamental principles of Humanity before it is too late.

We are asking for justice and freedom!
We will not be forced to live behind walls or to let the Wall isolate our people!”