Danish activists spread the word about BDS
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Danish activists spread the word about BDS

Danish activists organized a Boycott Israel Day on 14 February, with BDS activities taking place across the country. Pickets were set up outside of shops and supermarkets selling Israeli goods, primarily targeting fruits and vegetables produced and sold by firms such as Carmel Agrexco.

Activists distributed flyers to customers in order to raise awareness about Israeli products and to strengthen the consumer boycott. They also stuck boycott labels on Israeli fruits and vegetables, and unfurled large “Boycott Israel” banners at supermarket entrances.

According to organizers, Boycott Israel Day was a resounding success, as the majority of shoppers welcomed the flyers and were keen to learn more about BDS activities. In light of the positive reception, another day of action will be held on 28 February, and will continue every second Saturday.

BDS actions have been sweeping across the world in recent months. Carmel Agrexco, infamous for exporting settlement produce, has come under particularly heavy pressure this February, and the UK Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign has called for a sustained month of action against the corporation. The Valentine’s Day period is one of the firm’s busiest times of year, when it ships fresh flowers to cities across Europe.