Australian activists mobilize for Max Brenner boycott
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Australian activists mobilize for Max Brenner boycott

As part of the growing international BDS movement, Palestine solidarity activists in Sydney have launched a campaign targeting Max Brenner Chocolates, a 100% Israeli-owned company belonging to the Strauss Group, the second-largest Israeli food and beverage company. Strauss is especially vocal about its support for the Occupation military, and supplies several units with products.

On the “corporate responsibility” section of its website, the Strauss Group emphasises the support it gives to Occupation forces. Highlighting that it wants to “sweeten their special moment” the Strauss Group touts that, for more than 30 years, it has supported the “Golani reconnaissance platoon,” renowned for its murderous assaults on Palestinian civilians.

The Golani unit was heavily involved in the fighting in the recent massacre in Gaza. According to Adalah-NY, they have also been involved in previous military operations in Gaza, in the massacres in the Jenin and Tulkarm refugee camps, and the siege of the Muqata compound in Ramallah. They also participated in the 2006 invasion of Lebanon.

Moreover, Adalah-NY reports that in November 2008, in a widely disseminated video, “members of the Golani Brigade filmed themselves forcing a captive, blindfolded Palestinian to sing humiliating songs, some of a sexual nature, and some about the Golani Brigade.”

As such, the activists from the boycott working group of the Gaza Defence Committee are calling on people to boycott Max Brenner. Weekly pickets of Max Brenner are being organised every Thursday afternoon outside several of its Sydney stores. The working group is also taking the boycott case to unions and universities in order to help expand the growing global movement to isolate apartheid Israel.