Glasgow university occupation
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Glasgow university occupation

On February 9, students occupied the university of Glasgow, joining the wave of university occupations that has been occurring in the UK. The occupation ended several days later, after the university administration agreed to several of the students’ demands.

After several weeks of campaigning, students at Glasgow garnered more than one thousand signatures of staff and students for petitions in support of the people of Gaza. After an unsatisfactory response from the administration, some 50 students went on to occupy a university building.

After a 55-hour occupation, the administration agreed to several of the students’ demands in regards to offering scholarships and supplies to Gazan students and universities. While not agreeing to divestment, the administration agreed to engage with students over the issue of Eden Springs supplying water to the campus and publish the details of university investments. Whether or not the university moves to cancel contracts with Eden Springs and divests from firms supporting Israel will depend on the continued work on behalf of solidarity activists on the campus.

At this point, some 22 universities in the UK have been or are currently occupied. Through this wide-scale direct action, student activists hope to offer support to beleaguered Gazan universities and students and push forward BDS resolutions.