mega888 Al-Ma’sara: solidarity activists detained in weekly march
Al-Ma’sara: solidarity activists detained in weekly march
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Al-Ma’sara: solidarity activists detained in weekly march

Israeli occupation forces detained three international solidarity activists in the weekly march against the apartheid wall. One was an Italian activists and eyewitnesses reported that Israeli forces beat him when they detained him.

The protest dedicated to the commemoration of Land Day began in front of the az-Zawahra secondary school in al-Ma’sara and moved towards the apartheid wall. Before reaching the area of the wall, an international solidarity activist addressed the occupation soldiers demanding they take off their uniforms and join the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle for the protection of life, land and human rights. The media coordinator for the Stop the Wall Campaign Awad Abu Sway remembered the massacre committed by Israeli occupation forces in 1976. On March 30 that year, the Israeli military killed 6 farmers in the Galilee which were part of a general strike to protest the large scale confiscation of Palestinian land. Since then every year Palestinians commemorate Land Day. He confirmed this anniversary remains a strong reminder for all the Palestinians that the struggle can only stop when our land and people are liberated.

Afterwards, the protesters tried to remove the razor wire, which the Occupation forces had erected to prevent the demonstrators from reaching their land isolated behind the wall. Mahmoud Alaa ad-Din was wounded in the hand. Then the occupation forces fired tear gas canisters and sound bombs at the participants. One teargas canister directly hit a car and destroyed the windows.