Ni’lin: Red paint stains the Apartheid Wall
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Ni’lin: Red paint stains the Apartheid Wall

Nearly a hundred people came out to join the weekly march against the Apartheid Wall. Murad Amira lead the Friday prayer held on the land near the apartheid wall. He talked about the necessity to stand steadfast against the plans of the Occupation to annex and confiscate Palestinian land. Amira praised the continuous struggle of the Palestinian people against the theft of their land since 1948 and saluted the steadfastness of the people in Palestine and in the villages against the practices of the occupation, including land confiscation, home demolitions and the arrests of their young men.

***image2***The march moved then towards the confiscated land and the participants carried Palestinian flags and the children of Ni’lin chanted slogans against the occupation and the occupation forces which have killed and injured their friends. They insisted they would continue in their struggle against the occupier. When the villagers reach the closed gate in the Wall they raised the Palestinian flag.

The military stationed their intimidated that the participants must evacuate the area immediately and return to their homes. At this stage the youth threw red paint on the gate in the wall, to symbolize the Palestinian blood the Occupation forces have spilled to repress the people of Ni’lin and the Palestinian struggle.

The Israeli soldiers fired tear gas canisters at the participants. When many felt sick from the teargas the protest moved to another part of the Apartheid Wall. One of the youth picked up a teargas canister the soldiers had launched at the protestors and threw it back at them. In response, the Israeli military used once again a round of live bullets against the people but no one was hit.