Nabi Saleh: collective punishment targets entire neighbourhoods
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Nabi Saleh: collective punishment targets entire neighbourhoods

The village started this Friday mobilization with a rally commemorating Land Day. Soon afterwards, the villagers gathered to march to their lands, which are to be confiscated by the Israeli occupation. When the march reached the area near the village spring, which is to be annexed together with the land surrounding it, they found settlers guarded by the Israeli military next to the spring. When the villagers attempted to get by the Israeli occupation forces to reach their land, the military started shooting rubber-coated metal bullets in their direction from very close distance. These were followed by tear gas canisters which caused many villagers to feel sick.

The occupation forces further stormed the house of Mohammed Abdel-Hafiz at-Tamimi, overlooking the village and started shooting rubber-coated metal bullets, teargas and sound bombs at demonstrators from there. They also invaded the house of Haj Mohammad Abu Ibrahim and demanded from him to go to the demonstrators to ask them to end the march otherwise they would burn his house. Abu Asid Tamimi reported that the Israeli military fired sound bombs inside his house because some household members were standing next to the window looking towards the street.

The residents of Nabi Saleh confirmed that the occupation forces deliberately launched stun grenades inside the homes to intimidate the population. They said the military would each week target a certain area of the village in order to exhaust the residents through the repeated attacks on their homes so that they would finally force their children not to participate in the marches. Jamal Juma’, coordinator of Stop the Wall Campaign, explained that this is a well known policy. In fact, the occupation forces are constantly striving to create conflict between the people in order to weaken the popular resistance from the inside.