62 years of Nakba in the West Bank
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62 years of Nakba in the West Bank

The National Committee to Commemorate the Nakba, formed of refugee groups and networks, parties, unions, campaigns and PLO representatives has once again developed an impressive program of popular mobilization.

May 15 is ‘Nakba Day’ – the day upon which Palestinians throughout the world commemorate the violent dispossession of Palestinians from their lands and homes which resulted in the establishment of the State of Israel. The official program, however, started already in April and will last until October. The program includes, demonstrations, public lectures, festivals, events in schools, cultural activities, graffiti actions and sessions where the young generation can listen to the oral history of the survivors of the Nakba.

5 May 2010 Badil held two al-Awda Award Festivals: one held at the Ramallah Cultural Palace (West Bank), and another in the hall of Popular Committee for Community Services- El Nusayrat Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip. The categories of the 2010 Al-Awda Award included: Best Nakba Commemoration Poster, Best Research Paper, Best Written Journalism Article, Best Caricature, and Best Photograph (photographer under 18). The best poster is the one printed and held up all over the West Bank in initiatives and protests.

The poster shows the cactus – a symbol of patience and quotes a line in one of Marcel Khalife’s songs on Ayoub, the prophet famous for his patience: “Ayoub’s cry fills the sky … don’t teach me the lesson twice!”

Some of the central events during the days of the Nakba anniversary are:

May 14 2010

• In six different villages anti-Wall protests have been dedicated to the commemoration of the Nakba.
• In the evening hours, marches were held in almost every camp in the West Bank

May 15 2010

• Central demonstration in Jerusalem, Shu’fat refugee camp
• Central demonstration for Jenin district in ‘Anin village
• In many places festivals to commemorate the Nakba are organized, including a protest of trucks, symbolizing the trucks that have been used in 1948 to transfer the Palestinian people from their homeland to the border.

May 16 2010

• Central festival for Hebron district, including a race participated by over 1000 competitors, a photo exhibit, balloons, and film screenings
• Central festival in Jericho district
• In many places meetings, festivals, activities in the schools and meetings with eyewitnesses of the Nakba are organized

May 17 2010

• National central demonstration in Ramallah at 11 am
• Central district rally in Qalqiliya

May 18 2010

• Central district festival in Tulkarem, with the participation of representatives of ’48 Palestinians.