Weekly anti-Wall Protest Update
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Weekly anti-Wall Protest Update

Al Nabi Saleh was the scene of extreme and violent repression from the Occupation forces during the weekly anti-wall protests. Demonstrations marked the 54th anniversary of the massacre at Kafr Qassem. Protesters were also injured in Bil'in and Almasara.

Immobilizing devices which burn the skin and cause temporary blindness and convulsions were used against the demonstrators in Al Nabi Saleh. Live bullets, rubber bullets and sound bombs were also fired,causing several injuries. Several members of the Tamimi family were injured, including Mahmoud ali Tamimmi and Naji Tamimi who were injured after being sprayed by an immobilizing device; Iyas Mohammad Sarhan, Mohammad Basher Tamimi and Orsela Saleh Tamimi, all 20 years old were shot with metal bullets. Two 10 year olds, Odai Abdulrazzak and Marah Naji 10 years old were also shot at with rubber coated steel bullets. Dozens of others taking part in the protest were also hit by rubber bullets. The Occupation Forces also raided two houses and used them as military vantage point, and arrested one Palestinian and beat him.

In Al Masara and Ni'lin, demonstrations marked the 54th anniversary of the massacre in Kafr Qassem. In Al Masara, four protesters were injured by rubber coated steel bullets and one international activist was detained, as well as tens of people suffering from tear gas suffocation.

In Bil'in, two members of the Norwegian Parliament attended the demonstration. Sameer Burnat, 34 years old, was injured in the shoulder by a tear gas bomb.