Week Against the Apartheid Wall: Global Action Update
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Week Against the Apartheid Wall: Global Action Update

With still 3 days to go, we are now witnessing a widespread mobilisation across the globe for the Week Against the Apartheid Wall. Diverse and creative actions demanding an end to apartheid and occupation in Palestine can be seen in Argentina, Brazil, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa and Australia to name but a few. Part of the success of such wide scale mobilisation can be attributed to the impressive co-ordination of activist and media groups around the world who are continuously updating us on their activities, which can be found on the media marathon website MediaMarathon.StopTheWall.net. As well as providing a calendar of events happening for the Week, this site also demonstrates the commitment of a range of media organisations – increasing by the day – who are covering protests, writing articles about the Wall and BDS, and broadcasting radio shows with interviews from Jamal Juma’ from Stop the Wall among others.

For a taster of what successful events and actions have happened so far for the Week Against the Apartheid Wall, follow the links below:

6 November protest outside Ahava in London, calling for an end to the sale of illegal Israeli goods: Ahava Demo

9-16 November Anti-Wall Caravan, travelling through the cities of the Netherlands, including a silent flash mob on 11 November: Anti Wall Caravan

11 November launch of War on Want report ‘Winning Justice for the Palestinian People’ and campaign to tell BT to hang up on the Occupation, with a protest outside BT’s headquarters: BT Protest

12 November launch of online video contest ‘It is Apartheid TV’, a joint project between ItisApartheid.Org and Stop the Wall Campaign: ItIsApartheidtv

For more information about events and to view or listen to the continuous media coverage of the Week Against the Apartheid Wall, visit MediaMarathon.StoptheWall.net.