Weekly Repression Update 8-15 November 2010
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Weekly Repression Update 8-15 November 2010

Period: Monday 8 November to Monday 15 November 2010




1)     Arrests of HRDs and Minors

This week witnessed further scaling up of arrests, particularly of minors, with 7 under-18s detained by Occupation Forces in Silwan and Hebron


2)     Violence against HRDs and Minors

Minors were also the victim of serious injuries inflicted by Israeli soldiers in Nablus and settlers in Bethlehem


3)     Collective punishment

Bil’in was the scene of several raids in a few days by the Occupation Forces, as was Al Isawiya in Jerusalem. Israeli police and Occupation Forces inflicted injuries and imposed security measures aimed at stifling further protests in these areas.


1) Arrests of HRDs and Minors

New arrests



Place: Silwan, Jerusalem

Date of arrests: Monday 8 November

Names: Ala Zaytoun (21 years old), Mahmoud el Razam (17 years old), Ahmad Da’na (17 years old), Ahmed Muhtaseb (17 years old), Darwish Da’na (14 years old), Ibrahim el Rajabi (19 years old), Ala Da’na (21 years old)

Circumstances: Undercover forces and Israeli troops violently arrested 7 Palestinian residents of Silwan at approximately 9pm, after forcing entry to a  shop in the neighbourhood. Eyewitnesses present report that the shop’s customers were beaten and sprayed in the face with pepper spray by Israeli troops.


Place: Hebron

Date of arrests: Monday 8 November

Names: Anan Ismael (15)

Circumstances: Anan Ismael was headed home from work in Beit Awwa, near Hebron, in a taxi when he was stopped and detained at a military checkpoint south of Hebron, relatives said. 


Place: Silwan (Jerusalem)

Date of arrests: Tuesday 9 November  

Names: Mohammad Au’dah and Hamud Siyam

Circumstances: Mohammad, the owner of a construction supply shop was detained and Hamud, another shop owner, was called for interrogation. Jawwad Siyam, head of the Wadi Helwa Information Center, said Israel was trying to pressure residents to cooperate with efforts to shut down protests against the settlers who have moved into the area. At least 33 children, aged between 10 and 14, have been interrogated over the past month, the center said in a recent report. Authorities threatened their families to stop children from demonstrating, he said.

Siyam said tensions were heightened in recent days due to increased archeological digging on ruins in the neighborhood. He said the latest effort had uncovered Islamic ruins from the Abbasid era.


Place: Hebron

Date of arrests: Tuesday 9 November

Names: Ali Ahmad Thalji Adi (65), his wife Su’ad (65), Hani Nimir Adi (42), and his son Fadi (18)

Circumstances: The four were detained for nearly 4 hours in Safa village, during which time they were not allowed any water by the Israeli soldiers.


Place: Hebron

Date of arrests: Wednesday 10 November

Names: Mohammad Abed Al-Qade Al-Muwer (24), Mazen Ibrahim Abu Rajab (19), Anas Mohammad Zaytun Al-Halayqa (24), Ahmad Jabber Jawabreh, (16), and Al’a A-Halayqa, age unknown

Circumstances: The army broke into several homes and arrested five men, according to witnesses.


Place: Hebron

Date of arrests: Sunday 14 November

Names: Hadeel Talal Abu Issa Turkish (15 years)

Circumstances: Israeli soldiers arrested the girl at noon and took her to the police station in Israel. Amjad Al Najjar, the Director of PPS in Hebron, denounced the Israeli policy of detaining children and demanded that the international community intervene to protect children by the occupation. Hadeel Aakalha had already been detained by the occupation forces in early 2009, on charges of attempting to stab a soldier near the Ibrahimi Mosque, but was acquitted in Court and released on bail.


Place: Hebron

Date of arrests: Sunday 14 November

Names: Head of the Committee against the Wall in Beit Omar Yousef Abdel-Hamid Abu Maria (37), Secretary of the Committee Ahmad Khalil Abu Hashim (43), US citizen and member of the World Council of Churches Clark Skiylr (30), Swedish citizen and lawyer Feeling Pencnj (63), Dutch citizen Tyne Gourette (18 years), Australian lawyer Carl Amiens (30 years)

Circumstances: All were arrested whilst showing solidarity and trying to help the farmers of Ayn al Bayda. According to spokesman of the Palestinian Solidarity Project Ayad Mohammed Awad, "a large force of Israeli soldiers appeared and beaten the peace activists with rifle butts as they refused to leave the Palestinian lands”.



Date: Friday 12 November

Names: Ibraheem Burnat (28 years old)

Circumstances: the Occupation Forces released (

Ibraheem after ten months spent at Ofer prison connected to his participation in the weekly demonstration against the Wall. 



Past court hearings: No information available


Upcoming court hearings: No information available




No information available



2) Violence against HRDs and Minors



No information available

Injuries with live rounds


No information available

Other serious injuries


Name: One woman and two children, 10 and 11 (names unknown)

Place: Bethlehem

Date of injury: Thursday 11 November

Circumstances: The three family members were pelted with stones by Israeli settlers on their way to school in Tugu village.


Name: Mustafa Ahmad Mlitat (13 years old) and Ahmad Basem Al Taweel (13 years old)

Place : Nablus

Date of Injury: Thursday 11 November

Circumstances: Occupation Forces soldiers severely beat the two minors at a military checkpoint at the entrance of Beit Furik.





3) Collective Punishment

Damage of property


Place: Silwan, Jerusalem

Date: Monday 8 November

Circumstances: Jerusalem Municipality workers, accompanied by Israeli forces, removed the memorial to Silwan martyr Samer Sarhan in the morning morning. A drinking fountain and olive tree dedicated to the memory of Sarhan was also removed from the site. Municipal workers and Israeli troops completed the operation in less than ten minutes, shadowed by an Israeli military helicopter overhead.

A resident who witnessed the operation stated that “Prior to the arrival of municipal workers, Israeli police officers were here photographing the memorial. Presumably the photographs were used to devise a swift method of removal, without attracting unwanted attention from residents.” He also stated that the head of the settler security guard group working in Silwan had joined Israeli forces during the removal of the memorial.

Likud party and Knesset member Miri Ragav, a former spokesperson for the Israeli Army, had lodged a demand to Jerusalem mayor Nir Barakat yesterday for the removal of the memorial. Samer Sarhan died aged 32 on September 22 when he was shot by a settler guard in Silwan.


Place: Isawiya, Jerusalem

Date: Thursday 11 November


Bulldozers arrived on Thursday morning to demolish the farm owned by Maher Mohammad Muheisen

Muheisen received a demolition order on the pretext that he was building without a license. The farm covers 500 square metres and is home to dozens of horse and sheep

Place: Bethlehem

Date: Thursday 11 November

Circumstances:  A group of settlers leaked a large amount of waste water onto an estimated area of 20 dunums of land planted with olives, figs, grapes and almonds, owned by the Hamamrah family. Local resident Abu Swaj said this happened after a waste water line was extended under the main street, which serves as the entrance to the settlement, and was connected to the entrance to the farmers’ land.  The area has already faced land thefts, tree cutting and burning to serve the nearby settlement.


Place: Nablus

Date: Sunday 14 November

Circumstances: Settlers from the Kali outpost arrived in Joret Naser area of Salem village and set fire to more than 15 dunums of olive trees.



Place: Qalqiliyah

Date of closure: Thursday 11 November

Time of closure: Unknown

Circumstances: Israeli Occupation Forces surrounded Jeet Male Secondary School to prevent students from marking the anniversary of Yasser Arafat’s death. Forces threatened to raid the school if the celebration did not immediately end, the director of education at the Jeet Male Secondary School east of Qalqiliya said. The principal said the school was evacuated.


Place: Al Nabi Saleh

Date of closure: Friday 12 November

Time of closure: Unknown

Circumstances: The occupation forces prevented journalists, activists and people from the surrounding villages from entering Al Nabi Saleh for the weekly protest by setting up a flying checkpoint around the village.



Place: Al Isawiya, Jerusalem

Date of incursion: Wednesday 10 November

Circumstances: Confrontations erupted in an East Jerusalem town under siege for three days and facing a campaign of repeated Israeli police raids.
A 50-strong Israeli force raided the northern entrance of Al-Isawiya on Wednesday morning and another entered through the south, onlookers said.
Luba As-Samry, a spokeswoman for the Israeli police, said an Israeli police officer was lightly injured during confrontations on the northern entrance of the village. She added that four young men were detained for throwing stones at the police.

As-Samry said the police would continue the campaign to impose “security and order” in the area. The villagers expressed their displeasure with the campaign and the siege imposed on the village saying that the actions of the Israeli police amounted to collective retaliation and harassment that targets mass protests.  

Wednesday was the second day of clashes in a row, with violence erupting Tuesday when Israeli municipal workers preparing to set up car safety spot check road barricades were pelted with stones.
Three days of car safety checks in the neighbourhood, which residents called "provocative," increased tensions in the area as Israeli municipal officials stopped cars at road blocks, performing maintenance checks and writing tickets for vehicles deemed unfit for the road, creating long delays.

Residents questioned the use of the spot checks, citing mandatory maintenance tests every year for licenses to drive in Israel. Despite having passed the tests, locals said, most cars were said to have failed the spot check and were mandated to have service performed on them.


Place: Bil’in

Date of incursion: Wednesday 10 November

Circumstances: The Israeli Army raided Bil'in for the fourth time in three days. The Army entered at around 8 pm for the second time that day. In the morning, at around 3.00 am, they had already entered the village with five jeeps and searched Ashraf al-Khatibs home. The soldiers broke in and entered the both houses but  were unable to find who they were looking for. When people from the village arrived, the 20 soldiers pointed their guns directly at the villagers and acted very aggressively. Later, the same night, the army returned to the village, about 9 pm. Soldiers entered al-Khatib's house again, also this time without finding him there. The soldiers then took off and left the village, for the second time that evening. These two raids are the last of four raids over the last three days. Earlier on the 10th November Khatib received a phone call from the Israeli intelligence, where a captain demanded to see him in Ofer Military Prison. It was made clear that until he shows up for interrogation the army will come to his house frequently.


Place: Bethlehem

Date of incursion: Thursday 11 November

Circumstances: Israeli forces raided Tugu village firing tear gas and rubber-coated bullets, witnesses said.  Clashes broke out following an earlier incident when a family were pelted by settlers with stones on their way to school. An Israeli military spokesman said forces used riot-dispersal means to subdue a riot.


Place: Bil’in

Date of incursion: Friday 12 November

Circumstances: The occupation forces raided Bil’in again by storming the area with tear gas bombs and rubber bullets and raided a coffee shop and held more than twenty men. They then raided the house of a journalist, Haitham Al Khateeb, and beat him and his wife.