Expelling Palestinian communities through ongoing home demolitions
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Expelling Palestinian communities through ongoing home demolitions

Already in 2011, Israeli occupation authorities had informed UN agencies that in 2012 they would start to “relocate” Palestinian communities in area C. In other words, the Israeli authorities have been blatant that they would ethnically cleanse the some 60% of the West Bank that fall under area C from Palestinian communities. The UN has informed the international community and all together are standing silent by as Israel  is starting to implement this large scale mass eviction and ethnic cleansing plan.  Only on March 7, two of the most targeted areas – the Jordan Valley and the south of Hebron – have been handed out demolition orders, in one case targeting practically the entire community. 

On March 7, the occupation forces entered the area of Janba and Beir Alad, south of Hebron city, and handed the members of the community demolition orders to their homes. This is the second time this month that demolition orders have been handed out to almost all the people in the area. This includes the homes of large families such as the Rabe’e family, Mohammad, Aladra and Dar Salameh families.

The occupation forces had already in the past handed out  demolition orders for all the houses in Janba area, including the mosque and the school.

On the same day, the occupation forces notify two farmers in the north of the Jordan Valley that their homes would be demolished within three days.

The head of Wadi Al Maleh council, Aref Daraghmeh said that the one demolition order targeted the home of a farmer from Khrebet Al Farisyeh  and the second one a home in Kherbet Al Hameh. He added that during the past months the occupation forces have already notified many of the villagers that their homes are under demolition orders.