Herak Shababi Mustakil statement for 1st of May
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Herak Shababi Mustakil statement for 1st of May

Herak Shababi Mustakil (Indpendent Youth Movement) calls on our people and Arab nation and the free people of the world to be victorious for the dignity and freedom of our prisoners and demands that the palestinian, Arab and international trade unions to actively participate in the victory to the prisoners in the Zionist occupation prisons program.

29 April 2012

The Palestinian prisoners movement began its open-ended hunger strike on 17 April 2012 in rejection of the policies of oppression and mass torture adopted by the forces of the Zionist prison service against more than 4700 Palestinian prisoner and stripping them of their most basic human rights which were achieved by the Palestinian prisoners movement after a long and daily struggle and enormous sacrifices.

The agreements signed between the executive leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the occupying state in 1993 have kept thousands of Palestinian and Arab prisoners behind bars in an unknown precedent in the history of national liberation movements against occupation and colonization, and they have been left to their fate alone waiting for their revolution to win for them as they were its fuel.

The peace process did not succeed in any matter than in immunizing the occupying state from international accountability and in misleading the international public opinion about the conflict on the land of Palestine for more than a hundred years between the Zionsit movement as a racist colonial movement and between the unarmed Palestinian people who defends his land and his historical rights.

And whilst the world has been waiting for the so-called peace, the Zionist movement continued detaining thousands of the sons and daughters of our people and throwing them in the Zionist camps killing and torturing and humiliating withoutu being the focus of media and international criticism.

Over the past 20 years “Israel” continued denigrating the dignity of the Palestinian prisoners and stripping them of their guaranteed rights under international conventions, and labeling their struggle as terrorism, and treating them according to a racist criminal mentality.

Today the Palestinian prisoners movement is rising and bracing its powers which were lost by the illusions of negotiations and the giving up of the Palestinian social and political unity in order for the prisoners movement to return to correct the compass with the warden and to bring the conflict back to the first square, rising up for its political rights and demanding to be treated according to the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions, and exposing the occupation which practices the worst form of torture against the prisoners and their families.

This struggling move comes to ring the last bill for the Palestinian political institution to put it in front of its national and historical rights for the necessity of victory for the struggles of the prisoners and their dignity by halting all forms of coordination with the enemy and de-legitimizing the colonial entity if it wanted to gain legitimacy from its people. This fateful and qualitative strike comes to test the seriousness of the profession and trade unions and associations and their progressive liberating role in the struggle, especially that the Palestinian workers make up more than 50% of the total Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons.

Therefore, we in the Herak Shababi Mustakil (Independent Youth Movement), based on our position and our role in the Paelstinian youth movement invite and congratulate the student movement on the elections and unity in the field and struggle and call upon it to translate the results of the election to an act of resistance on the ground in support of the prisoners and their strike.

  • Sunday 29/04/2012 : Distribution of posters and stickers on the walls of occupied Ramallah. Gathering starts at 5 :30 pm on the Sa`a square (Martyr Yasser Arafat square).
  • Monday 30/04/2012 : A children’s demonstration at the Manara square, organized by the families of the prisoners at 6 pm.
  • Tuesday 01.05/2012 : An all day commercial strike based on the invitation of the prisoners movement.
  • Tuesday 01.05/2012 : Weekly sit-in in the Red Cross headquarters in all governorates at 10 :30 am.
  • Tuesday 01.05/2012 : National sit-in in front of Ofer prison at 12 noon.
  • Tuesday 01.05/2012 : Visit to the prisoner hunger strikers’ families in all governorates at 5 pm.
  • Wednesday 02/05/2012 : National sit-in in front of the UN headquarters in the occupied cities of Jerusalem and Ramallah at 2 pm.
  • Wednesday 02/05/2012 : A car demonstration will start in front of the Red Crescent Society headquarter at 5:30 pm. This is organized by the families of the prisoners. The demonstation with cars will drive through the villages, towns and refugee camps in support of the prisoners’ hunger strike. Flags of Palestine and the photos of the prisoners will be hung on the cars. The car demonstration in Ramallah will start the gathering in front of the Red Crescent in Al-Bireh / Jerusalem road with a driving line determined by the organizers.
  • Thursday 03/05/2012 : Sit-in in front of what is called Ramleh hospital at 11 am.

Long live the palestinian prisoners’ movement, glory to the martyrs and quick healing for the injured

And freedom for the prisoners

Herak Shabi Mustakil (Independent Youth Movement

Occupied Palestinian Territory