mega888 Palestine in Revolt. News report October 24 2015
Palestine in Revolt. News report October 24 2015
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Palestine in Revolt. News report October 24 2015

1) 19-year-old Yahya Hashem Grerh died from his injuries after he got shot a week ago during clashed with Israeli military, in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip

2) 467 people have been injured, 438 of which in the West Bank, 29 in Gaza Strip. 34 of them have been injured with live ammunition, 95 with rubber-coated metal bullets, 322 suffered from asphyxiation by tear gas and 16 suffered other injuries.

3) Continuing clashes with the Israeli Forces starting from afternoon till midnight in more than 50 locations, among them:

  • Jerusalem: the Old City of Jerusalem, al Ayzaria, Qattana, ar Ram, Al-Soaneh neighborhood
  • Ramallah district: Al-Bireh, Nabi Saleh, Ni’lin, Beit El, Bilin, Deir Nitham
  • Qalqiliya district: Nakara, Qalqiliya
  • Bethlehem district: Al-Nashash checkpoint south of Bethlehem, al Khadr, area of um-Rokba
  • Hebron district: Hebron, Beit Anoon, Dura, Abu Hadeed, Beit Ummar, Al Aroub Refugee Camp, checkpoint of Abo-Reesh in Hebron, Fawar Refugee Camp, Halhul, Al-Rahma mountain, Zief (Yatta), Ras al Jora
  • Tulkarem district: Geshouri factories (settlement industrial zone), al Khadouri University near western checkpoint of Tulkarem
  • Nablus district: Huwara checkpoint, Madama, checkpoint of Beit Furik,
  • Jenin district: Yabad (at the settlement Dotan built on village land), Jalamah checkpoint
  • Gaza Strip: Beit Hanoun, Khan Younis , Al-Shajaiya, Al-Breej, Faraheen, Abu-Safiah (near Deir Al-Balah)​

4) This Friday early morning, the Israeli Forces have launched raids in various areas in Jerusalem and the West Bank, in particular in Ramallah, Beit Oar al Tahta, Beit Oar Sharquiya, Safa, Bethlehem, Hebron and Tulkarem. Israeli military attacked Islam Belbasi (21 years old) and brutally beat him during the clashes that sparked west of Al-Khadouri University in Tulkarem.

5) Assaults by settlers on the Palestinian civilians and farmers continue at the crossings of the main roads and the entrances of towns near settlements. A group of armed settlers, protected by the Israeli military have assaulted civilian homes in the town of Madama south of Nablus. The villagers quickly organized to protect each other and their village and were able to push the settlers to retreat.

6.     Israeli military continues to target medical personnel and journalists.  Israel occupation forces targeted a Red Crescent ambulance with rubber-coated metal bullets in al Eizariya, East Jerusalem. In Ni’lin, occupation forces detained for several hours the news crew of ‘Palestine Today’ while they were covering the attacks of the occupation forces against the youth protesting on their land. The Israeli military used the crew as human shields.