Khallet Ad- Dabe’: An entire village is under demolition order

On ٍSeptember 9th, 2022 Israel’s Supreme Court upheld the demolition orders for the entire infrastructure and homes in  Khallet Ad- Dabe’, a village in Masafer Yatta in the southern occupied West Bank. The demolitions include all homes and most livelihood structures in the village including, agricultural buildings, a school, which was previously demolished and now […]

Apartheid Israel Orders Demolition of Ein Samiya School

While  students around the world are waiting for the opening of their schools, Palestinian students in Ein Samiya are anxiously expecting  an imminent Israeli demolition of their school. If no action is taken to thwart Israeli demolition plans, the dreams of the students of Ein Samiya about a better future forged through accessing school might be buried in what […]

Rising repression shows the cracks in Israel’s system of apartheid

Apartheid Israel is escalating the violence it has been inflicting on Palestinians for more than seven decades. Since the start of April, Israel has killed over 23 Palestinians, arrested and injured hundreds more. It has extended its attack on Jerusalem, invading almost daily even the holy sites of the city. While Israel is collectively punishing Palestinians in the […]