Injures in protests remembering Al Ibrahimi Mosque massacre

2122014 today, Israeli forces arrested five citizens including Badie Dweik, an activist in Youth Against  Settlements, and dozens were injured. A  Sky agency journalist injured in the head by a tear gas, after the occupation army suppressed the demonstration that Hebron Defense Committee, Stop the Wall campaign, Youth Against Settlements, and several national bodies have called for  on […]

Occupation Forces Issued Notices to Demolish Seven Houses in Khirbet Alkher, Hebron

The occupation forces issued seven demolishing orders to demolish seven houses in Kherbet Alkher in Hebron after attacking the houses, giving the orders to the Palestinian families. Kherbet Alkher is located near “Karmael” settlement, which is built on Palestinian land. The seven houses host sixty people. The houses are related to Muhammad Khalil, Ikhlas Ali, […]