Briefing: Supporting Israeli apartheid – EU funding for Elbit Systems
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Briefing: Supporting Israeli apartheid – EU funding for Elbit Systems


Stop the Wall has published a new briefing on EU funding for Elbit Systems. This briefing follows the announcement by Israel that the EU has already approved 205 projects with Israeli participation within the framework of the EU research cycle Horizon2020.

The briefing warns about possible funding to Elbit Systems and other Israeli companies involved in the military-industrial-scientific complex of a country that systematically commits war crimes and is in ongoing violation of the basic norms of international law and human rights.

Such funding would violate not only the growing call for a military embargo on Israel but as well the EU’s obligations under international law.


Call for lobby and pressure

We therefore call on European civil society, members of the European and national parliaments and governmental representatives to lobby and pressure the relevant EU institutions to exclude Elbit Systems and any other Israeli entity involved in the state’s military-industrial-scientific complex (including their subsidiaries) from EU financial mechanisms and cooperation.
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