New Thematic Page: Digital Walls
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New Thematic Page: Digital Walls

Since the start of the call for a World without Walls in 2018, endorsed now by over 400 movements from across the globe, we have engaged many diverse reflections and joint actions against walls of injustices with people from all continents.

In 2020, we have started reflections around the concept of ‘digital walls’ and built a dialogue between Palestinian and Palestine solidarity activism and organizations, activists, academics and movements engaged in the struggle for digital rights.

The intersection between our struggles has become evident: If the digital economy is best understood as surveillance capitalism and data colonialism based on militarization, it is only consequential that Israeli apartheid and its war economy play a small but significant role within this framework.

Stopping this symbiosis is something that should be a call for all of us, not only Palestine solidarity activists.

Please visit the Thematic Page “Digital Walls” that contains our attempt to organize the ideas, visions and analysis we have accumulated.