Occupation Forces destroy Palestinian house in Anata: Campaign Condemns Judaization of Jerusalem

The Occupation continued its targeted expulsion of Palestinians in Jerusalem by carrying out a house demolition on Monday the 7th of November. Dozens of Occupation Forces expelled the Bishara family from their home in Anata, before destroying the property under the pretext of it not having the correct “permit”. The demolished house belonged to the […]

Occupation Continues Targeting Jerusalem: In Anata, Occupation Forces Demolish 3 Houses, 25 Bedouin Homes and Countless Animal Shelters

***image2***On Monday, November 29, 2004, at 2:30 pm, Occupation Forces’ military vehicles and bulldozers demolished three homes in the southwest section of the village of Anata, located northeast of Jerusalem. The house demolitions made 25 people homeless. At the same time, the Occupation Forces destroyed 25 Bedouin homes, together with their livestock shelters, in the […]

Occupation Forces Issue House Demolition Orders to Residents of Anata for the Building of the Apartheid Wall

***image2***Last Thursday, September 2, the Occupation Forces forced demolition orders upon three Palestinians home owners in Anata, northeast of Jerusalem. The three houses threatened for demolition are owned by the Fhidat family in Anata. Younis Mohammad Younis Fhidat stated that the Occupation Forces issued orders for the demolition of three homes that are owned by […]