House demolitions continue as Occupation targets Palestinian in Jerusalem
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House demolitions continue as Occupation targets Palestinian in Jerusalem

Two houses were flattened in Anata on Monday the 21st of November as Occupation Forces continued their policy of attacking Palestinians in Jerusalem. Families were beaten and left homeless as bulldozers tore down their homes and carried on the onslaught on Palestinians in Jerusalem who are being ghettoized and expelled from their city by the Apartheid Wall.

Occupation Forces arrived at 5.00 am on the morning of the 21st of November at the houses owned by brothers Hasan Yousef Hamdan and Muhamed Yousef Hamdan. Their families were beaten badly and evicted from their properties as bulldozers tore down their homes and destroyed their possessions.

Muhamed and his family of 8 persons sold their property in Jordan to build the house and invested all of their savings into their home. A few weeks earlier, bulldozers demolished the house of Khaled Muhamad Beshara and over 25 houses have been flattened in this area since the beginning of the second Intifada.

Under the “permit” pretext used to destroy Palestinian homes, the Occupation continuously engages in destruction of Palestinian property on Palestinian lands. In Jerusalem alone this has amounted to over 300 in the last five years.

Meanwhile, clashes between Palestinian youth and Occupation Forces have erupted on a daily basis in Anata as the Apartheid Wall is constructed through the playground of local secondary school. The Wall is being constructed to run through the middle of Anata High School playground as it ghettoizes Palestinians throughout Jerusalem and ensures their isolation from the city. Several children were left wounded and unconscious as Occupation Forces entered the school on Thursday the 24th of November and tear-gassed students.