India’s movements oppose visit of Israel’s president to India

A joint statement signed by more than 70 personalities, 30 groups and networks representing over 1000 organizations across India has denounced the visit of Israel’s president Reuven Revlin, and the upgrade of relations with this state, which has held the Palestinian people under occupation for decades, displacing communities, segregating people, and besieging them behind cement […]

354 European human rights organisations, church groups, trade unions and political parties call on the EU to support their right to boycott

Press Release: May 18th More than 300 human rights and aid organisations, church groups, trade unions and political parties from across Europe have called on the EU to uphold its legal responsibilities and hold Israel accountable for its violations of international law and to defend the right of individuals and institutions to take part in […]

World Water Day: Palestine calls to end complicity with Israeli water apartheid

As part of the calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions on Israel, Palestinian organizations and municipalities urge governments and public institutions to end cooperation with the Israeli state-owned water company Mekorot. This year, movements in Bahia, in the northeast of Brazil, have joined in the struggle against these dirty deals demanding their state water companies […]

Intifada in Raufoss

BDS Norway staged an Intifada against the weapon producer Nammo Friday 6 November.  BDS NORWAY STAGED AN INTIFADA AGAINST THE ARMS PRODUCER NAMMO – DEMANDS FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND NAMMO: STOP ALL ARMS TRADE WITH ISRAEL. Friday morning at 7.30 AM activists from BDS Norway staged an Intifada against Nammo Raufoss AS in eastern Norway. […]