Life under occupation and apartheid – May 2015

This report gives a summary of growing colonization and ethnic cleansing during the month of May as well as the human rights violations enacted by the occupation authorities during this period in order to repress popular resistance and hinder journalists from reporting about the reality of Palestinian life under occupation and apartheid.   The report […]

Israel versus Abu Jamal’s cow

When colonial supremacy and racial hatred are entering into a perverse spiral of folly, then not even cows are safe anymore. Yesterday in the night, Israeli settlers tried to poison the only cow of Palestinian farmer Khalid Draghmeh. It was not the first time they attacked his livestock. Already a year ago, his horse got […]

The occupation forces destroy an agricultural shed

The occupation forces destroyed  this early morning an agricultural shed in Zabda village in Jenin district. The owner of the shed is the farmer Mahmoud Jalal Hamdan, who used this space to store agricultural equipments. The villagers confirm that this shed is located close to the apartheid wall. Demolitions by the Israeli occupation authorities, in […]