Second Phase of Prisoner Exchange

Ramallah, 19 December 2011 – On 18 December, 550 Palestinian prisoners were released in completion of the second phase of the prisoner exchange deal concluded by the Israeli government and Hamas authorities on 11 October. In contrast to the first phase of the prisoner releases, which saw 477 mutually agreed upon prisoners released on 18 […]

Solidarity with the Mexican students and society

November 2, 2011 To the Mexican students, To the Mexican people, The Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign “Stop the Wall” and the Independent Palestinian Youth Movement “Harak Shebabi” expresse its solidarity with the Mexican students for the killing of Carlos Sinhue Cuevas, Mexican student and activist. Stop the Wall and Harak Shebabi also expresses its […]

Tony Blair Persona Non Grata

Herak Shababi Mustakel, the Independent Palestinian Youth movement, calls for the expulsion of Tony Blair from Palestine and considers him an unwanted person. "Tony Blair persona non grata." This statement is in response to the Quartet's current Special Envoy in the Middle East. Tony Blair, said "The Arab Spring is a threat to peace in the region and the world" and considers that […]

Letter to International Participants of the “Welcome to Palestine” Campaign

The “Welcome to Palestine” initiative took place July 8-16, 2011. In response to an invitation put forth by Stop the Wall along with 40 other Palestinian civil society organizations, popular resistance committees, and political factions, hundreds of international visitors reserved flights to Israel's Ben Gurion airport for July 8th, 2011. Hundreds of men, women, and […]