Manchester Demonstrators Carry their Message to the Streets – “The Wall Must Fall”
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Manchester Demonstrators Carry their Message to the Streets – “The Wall Must Fall”

***image2***In Manchester on November 9, 2003, the streets were energized in solidarity with the Palestinian National and International Call to Action as demonstrators loudly denounced Israeli’s Apartheid Wall and its policies of Occupation. A mock Wall covered with slogans reading “This Wall Must Fall!” was created out of five banners, each 5 meters long and marked with two lines of barbed wire on top to remind the people of Manchester of the reality of life in Palestine with the Apartheid Wall.

After 3 hours of active protest, rallying and information-sharing, the mock Wall was brought to the ground amidst the crowd chanting “Wall Down!” This dramatic close was made more powerful as the protestors lay somberly on the fallen banner for nearly 10 minutes to symbolize the persistence and strength of Palestinian resistance and worldwide solidarity.

Throughout the demonstration, protestors attached additional photos, information, maps, posters and flags to the mock Wall in an effort to increase public awareness about the devastating Wall and the Palestinian struggle against it.

The day’s activities were filled with educational opportunities and outlets for creative expression. Activists used street theatre to emphasize their message, as actors played out a moving scene wherein Palestinians are detained at an Israeli checkpoint at gunpoint. Also, participants could add their voice to the rally for justice through an open mike. Many people used this as a forum to share personal testimony from experiences in Palestine, as well as for song, messages of hope and solidarity and to lead the crowd in powerful chants with slogans such as, “Occupation is the Crime, Free Free Palestine!”, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free!”, “It Must Fall, It Must Fall, We Don’t Want this Racist Wall!” and “No Walls in our Name, Israel is to Blame!”.

The groups included are: Manchester Stop the War, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, ISM, Red Pepper, CND, Jews For Justice For Palestinians, , Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, members of Manchester Peoples Assembly/Social Forum, Student Association Friends of Palestine, Manchester Anarchist Youth, Muslim Association of Britain.

Video clips from the demonstration can be viewed here