In the Netherlands, A Clear Declaration Against Israeli Injustice
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In the Netherlands, A Clear Declaration Against Israeli Injustice

On November 9, as mobilization raged worldwide, Stop the Occupation, the Dutch Palestine Committee and the Palestinian community were joined by hundreds in a powerful demonstration against the Israeli Occupation and the Apartheid Wall.

***image2***The manifestation drove a strong message denouncing the Apartheid Wall home with the presence of a physical Wall constructed of steel pipes and plastic sheets looming over the crowd as performance artists portrayed a compelling scene representing the harsh reality faced by Palestinians living with the Wall. In addition, a round of commanding speakers solidified a call to action against the ongoing injustice served upon Palestinians by Israeli Occupation, calling for an immediate end to the Apartheid Wall.

Held in the center of Amsterdam, at the Leidseplein, the manifestation was a highly visible show of solidarity as the busy shopping and entertainment area attracted hundreds of passers-by. As the speakers, such as Gretta Duisenberg, chairperson of Stop the Occupation, who referred to the Apartheid Wall as a “war crime”, and Tariq Shadid, MD rallied for an end to the oppression, passers-by and participants were encouraged to collect information about the reality of the Wall, view images and video projections of its destructive path and network with fellow activists, individuals and solidarity organizations. Also, live music by Doc Jazz and Palestinian group, Hanien, filled the streets with songs of passion, optimism and resistance.

On the heals of the recent poll of the European Union, wherein the Netherlands showed the highest percentage (74%) of individuals who view Israel as the greatest threat to world peace, the demonstration was an important event in support of Palestinian mobilization against Israel’s Apartheid Wall and its implications on Palestinian life, independence and human rights.



For more information, visit Doc Jazz and read Tariq Shadid’s article “The Amsterdam Anti-Wall Protest: Exposure of Media Disease” in the Palestine Chronicle