Bili’n villagers burn Occupation products in support of boycott
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Bili’n villagers burn Occupation products in support of boycott

Villagers in Bil’in (west Ramallah district) burnt Occupation products during their weekly demonstration on the 21st of April, declaring their support for the internal boycott movement. Vowing to use only locally manufactured products, the villagers showed how Palestinians can break dependency on the Occupation’s economy, and revive the strategies of the First Intifada in the struggle for liberation.

***image2***Bil’in has shown ongoing resistance to the Occupation and Wall, with regular demonstrations several hundred strong. Villagers asserted that boycott was a crucial strategy in isolating Apartheid Israel and breaking Palestinian dependency upon the Occupation. They also vowed to use local products in order to sustain and revive the local economy, a feature reminiscent of the First Intifada when Palestinians rose up against the racist Occupation.

After burning products from Apartheid Israel, protesters marched to the construction site of the Wall, breaking several metal locks located on one of the main prison gates of the Wall. In an attempt to access their lands and orchards now isolated by the Wall, demonstrators were attacked by Occupation Forces who used rubber bullets and tear gas. Nine villagers were injured and another four detained as Bil’in continued its brave resistance against the Apartheid Wall project. Among the wounded was Asharf Jamal, Akram AL khateib, Mustafa Al Khateib and Abed allah Abu Rahma.

The boycott of Apartheid Israeli products has re-emerged in national Palestinian resistance strategies. Student and community groups are among the first to bar Occupation products from shops and restaurants, as Palestinians revive the strategies of the First Intifida, empower the local economy and severe links with the racist Occupation.