Weekly Repression Update 29 November – 6 December
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Weekly Repression Update 29 November – 6 December


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Repression Update



Period: Monday 29 November to Monday 6 December 2010




1)     Arrests of HRDs and Minors

Late night raids on homes in Jerusalem continued, resulting in a number of arrests.


Several EU diplomats attended the court hearing of Aballah Abu Rahmah, amid widespread condemnation of his extended imprisonment


2)     Violence against HRDs

Rubber coated metal bullets and pepper spry caused severe injuries to demonstrators at Nabi Saleh


3)    Collective punishment



1) Arrests of HRDs and Minors

New arrests



Place: Al-Isawiya, Jerusalem

Date of arrests: Thursday 2 December

Names: unidentified

Circumstances: Israeli forces raided a second home in Al-Isawiya during the night and detained a minor, name and age unknown



 Name: Muhammad Adeeb Abu Rahma (16)

Date: Monday 29 November

Circumstances: The minor was released from Ofer prison after paying a fine of 8000NIS



Past court hearings:

On 6 December British Consul General, Sir Vincent Fean, headed a mission of more than a dozen European diplomats from various countries today, at the Ofer Military Court of Appeals. The diplomats, from the UK , Spain , France , Belgium , Germany , Malta and Denmark , as well as from the EU itself, all attended a hearing in the military prosecution petition to aggravate the already harsh esntence of Bil'in protest organizer, Abdallah Abu Rahmah. The prosecution is asking the court to harshen the sentence so that it exceeds two years imprisonment.


There is no scheduled date for a decision from the military judge in the appeal. Abu Rahmah will remain in military prison until the sentence is read. This could take months.


Upcoming court hearings:




No information available


On 6 December, the day of Abdallah Abu Rahmah’s hearing, former US president Jimmy Carter and a group of eminent global leaders, called for his release. Carter said in the Elders' release that, "Israeli military prosecutors want to extend Abdallah Abu Rahmah's sentence as a deterrent to others who may follow his example. The Elders believe that his example of non-violent resistance against the occupation is a model that others should follow".


Members of The Elders met Abu Rahmah last year in the West Bank village of Bil’in where he has played a leading role in weekly protests against the occupation and settlements.

2) Violence against HRDs and Minors


No information available

Injuries with live rounds

No information available

Other serious injuries


Place: Al Nabi Saleh

Date: Friday 3 December

Names: Basem al Tamimi, Naremem al Tamimi and Naji al Tamimi

Circumstances:  The three were injured during the Friday protest by being shot in the face with pepper spray and tear gas


Place: Al Nabi Saleh

Date: Friday 3 December

Names: 2 HRDs (names unknown)

Circumstances: The two demonstrators were injured by rubber coated metal bullets, one in the head and one in the back




No information available


3) Collective Punishment

Damage of property


No information available



No information available



No information available


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