Public Demonstration to Boycott Israeli Goods and Products in Hebron
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Public Demonstration to Boycott Israeli Goods and Products in Hebron

In the framework of a series of events organized by the Grassroots Campaign to Boycott Israeli Goods including participation from some national political figures and representatives of local youth groups, a mass march was held in the streets and supermarkets in the city of Hebron on Monday, August 15, 2011. Lifting of the organizers, waving of participants' banners, and chanting slogans urged citizens to boycott all goods and products from Israel. Demonstrators entered shops to speak with citizens and traders, explaining the objectives and the feasibility of the campaign, and demanded that people not eat foods made in Israel since the profit funds the occupation.

The activists held banners written with slogans such as “Boycott is a patriotic and religious duty,” “Boycott is popular resistance,” “Do not pay the cost of bullets that killed your sons,” “We want to end to the occupation,” and “All NIS buying Israeli goods goes towards the cost of the bullets that kill our children.” They toured the malls in downtown Hebron, showing the citizens that there is considerable support for the boycott campaign and praising the efforts of volunteers. Demonstrators called for volunteers to go to the Palestinian Authority to prevent the entry of Israeli products and to prevent agents of Israeli goods to continue to occupy Palestinian markets.

Organizers also distributed a statement issued by the Popular Campaign for the county during their march through the streets. The statement outlined the need to boycott goods and products of the Israeli Occupation, appealing to people that they not pay for the bullets that kill their children.

The statement also calls citizens and the Palestinian National Authority, to make the boycott of Israeli occupation part of the national culture and daily conduct of officials and citizens, adding that every Palestinian is a free consumer. Their hope is that every Palestinian will be involved in a national effort aimed to destroy the occupation and its political, economic, and military strategies.