West Bank Annexation Is Well and Ongoing!
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West Bank Annexation Is Well and Ongoing!

Since yesterday, January 26th, Israeli bulldozers have been demolishing Palestinians’ property in different parts of Area ‘C’. So far, Israel has reduced to rubble Palestinians’ property in the Jordan Valley, South Hebron Hills and Khan al Ahmar, east Jerusalem.

Today, Bedouin communities in the South Hebron Hills woke up to the sound of Israeli bulldozers demolishing their property. To cut off any source of of water, of life, the Israeli occupation demolished a water well belonging to Palestinians there.

In addition, the Israeli bulldozers destroyed the structure of a mosque in the area.

Will Khan al Ahmar survive another expulsion campaign?

Another group of armed Israeli soldiers and bulldozers was busy destroying Palestinians’ property in Khan al al Ahmar today. Demolition is anything but new to the people of Khan al Ahmar. In 2018, they encountered a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign. Amnesty International described that campaign as “a war crime that lays bare the Israeli government’s callous disregard for the Palestinians.”

Since years, Israel has been trying to ethnically cleanse the people of Khan al Ahmar from their homes. The presence of Palestinians in Khan al Ahmar hampers Israel from expanding its illegal settlements. By expelling the communities living there, expulsion, Israeli apartheid would be able to de jure annex the area, which is in the vicinity of Jerusalem.

Watch this video about today’s demolition in Khan al Ahmar here:

Israeli demolition turns children’s dreams into ruins!

Yesterday, January, 26th, the Israeli occupation stormed the village of al Maleh, the Jordan Valley. They demolished and confiscated a tent. The tent was set up by popular groups few months ago to serve as a kindergarten for the children.

Destroying a kindergarten, a place where children play, dream and start forging their future is hardly surprising. Israel’s apartheid regime has been targeting education institutions in the Jordan Valley since its occupation in 1967.

Entire Bedouin communities there are denied their right to access proper education within their communities. parents are forced to send their children to distanced schools in a perilous and onerous journey everyday.

Palestinians & their sheep are denied existence…

In addition to the demolition of a kindergarten, the Israeli occupation destroyed and confiscated sheep pens in al Maleh. Other sheep pens were also demolished in Khribet al Burj, the Jordan Valley.

Confiscating sheep pens is an onslaught on Palestinians’ main source of income there. When livestock are left outside in the cold, many of them perish. This usually costs Palestinian shepherds hundreds of dollars.


Armed Israeli soldiers confiscated other tents inhabited by Palestinian families in al Maleh and Khirbet al Burj yesterday, too.

Israeli apartheid regime justifies its unjustifiable crimes of demolition by claiming that Palestinians build without a permit. Yet, the Israeli occupation authorities refuse to issue construction permits for Palestinians in Area ‘C’ (under full Israeli control).

Demolition is a tool Israel uses to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their homes. On the rubble of their houses, Israel plans to construct Jewish-only settlements. Israeli settlements in Occupied West Bank are deemed illegal under International Law.