WSF Free Palestine registration process starts now!

Registration of activities, organizations, individual participants and media for the WSF Free Palestine start from October and will be made online at the link that will be available on the site: Here are more details of the schedule:   Registration for activities and organizations:   The online registration for organizations and pre-registration of activities […]

Voluntary Work in Wadi Qana

Stop the Wall in cooperation with the Right to Education Campaign and the Folk Art Center and Youth Parliament Salfit participated in voluntary work in Wadi Qana. They cleaned agricultural land and helped the farmers with irrigation of trees, maintenances work on the farm and cleaning the area of trash. The voluntary work in this […]

Al Masara weekly demonstration and the 30th anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre

  On Friday 14th September 2012 demonstrators from the village of al-Masara gathered for their weekly demonstration against the occupation, where they were confronted by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). Situated approximately 13km southwest of Bethlehem, and close to the town of Beit Omar, Al-Masara is an agricultural village that faces great hardship due to the theft […]

Palestinian Authority police brutality against anti-Mofaz protests

For two consecutive days, EU and US-trained Palestinian Authority (PA) police and un-uniformed thugs attack Palestinians protesting against the invitation of Israeli war criminal Shaul Mofaz to Ramallah. Saturday 30th June started as a protest against the invitation of Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas extended to former Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Chief-of-Staff and former […]

Play satirizes how aid donors sideline Palestinians (Courtesy of The Electronic Intifada)

A political talk show sets the stage for House of Yasmine (“Beit Yasmine” in Arabic), a play produced in collaboration between the Ashtar Theatre of Ramallah and the Al-Harah Theatre of Jerusalem. The story unfolds as the play’s characters, led by human rights worker Yasmine, discuss the Palestinian Authority’s 2011 bid for statehood at the United Nations and then turn to audience members to ask for […]

“We will not be silenced!” – an interview with STW’s Youth Co-ordinator

Hassan Kharajeh, Stop the Wall's youth co-ordinator, has been especially active in mobilizing young Palestinians to oppose the occupation. He spoke to Eoin O’Ceallaigh, outreach assistant with Stop the Wall, about the role of youth in the hunger strike demonstrations and why today’s generation of youth has Israel scared. Eoin O’Ceallaigh: Now that the hunger strikers […]

Nakba mass protest challenges occupation all day

This year’s Nakba protest at Ofar, called for by Stop the Wall and the Independent Youth Movement (Herak Shebabi), has seen up to two thousand people challenging the occupation at the checkpoint outside Ramallah, near the Israeli military prison. For photos see: The protest started in anticipation as people had filled the gathering point already […]