Nakba mass protest challenges occupation all day

This year’s Nakba protest at Ofar, called for by Stop the Wall and the Independent Youth Movement (Herak Shebabi), has seen up to two thousand people challenging the occupation at the checkpoint outside Ramallah, near the Israeli military prison. For photos see: The protest started in anticipation as people had filled the gathering point already […]

Gazans create a blockade of their own

  Groups of Palestinian activists demonstrated on Sunday in front of a number of international organizations’ offices in Gaza to protest their silence regarding the Hunger Strike of the Palestinian prisoners. The activists demonstrated in front of offices of the Red Cross and United Nations and blocked staff from entering for several hours, displayed banners […]

Youth organisation release statement regarding Hunger Strike & PLO

The following is a statement released by youth organisation Palestinians for Dignity, 13.5.12 – Local and international news agencies informed us last night, 12 May, that the Palestinian political establishment met with the representative of the Israeli apartheid regime, Isaac Molkho, in Ramallah to deliver the latter's response to a previous letter that was sent by […]

Land Day demonstrations towards Jerusalem!

–          For live streaming from Qalandiya, please watch: –          For updates on the various protests in the West Bank, please follow @stopthewall twitter –          For indepth news and photos, check out   Program: In the West Bank a large coalition of Palestinian political forces and movements has organized the following events to break the siege […]

Land Day protests reaffirm Palestinian rights to Jerusalem

To see photos of the protest in Qalandiya: To see photos from the protest in Old City of Jerusalem:   While the Palestinian Land Day protests are ongoing, the first critical injury by Israeli military occurred in Bethlehem: Ali Arafe, 20 years old, has been shot with a teargas canister in the face in front of […]

Occupation Forces Suppress Popular Weekly Protests, Dozens of Suffocation Cases from Poison Gas

al-Masara The occupation forces suppressed the weekly protest against the settlements and the apartheid wall. This protest sent as well strong condemnation of the frequent attacks on the al Aqsa Mosque and remembered the anniversary of the Hebron massacre. People were chanting slogans in solidarity with the people of Hebron that had gathered in a mass […]