The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign Statement Against Israeli “Permits”

To Palestinians in Jenin, Tulkarem, and Qalqiliya To all Palestinians After the military order that was issued by the Occupation Forces on the status of lands isolated behind the Wall in the completed “first phase”, and regarding the requirement for “permits” from the Occupation Forces for the villages isolated behind the Wall and for people […]

The Apartheid Wall furthers Israeli Colonization of Azzun Atma’s Land

Today secondary students in Azzun Atman were forced to remain inside their classrooms and banned from playing football outside by Israeli soldiers–who then tore down the school’s Palestinian flag. Adjacent to the village’s co-educational school in the south is an Israeli military checkpoint; just a few hundred meters thereafter lies the Israeli settlement Sha’are Tiqva. […]

Grave and Blatant Next Step: Israeli Military Order Calls Wall “Demarcation Line”!

Throughout this week, villagers whose lands have been isolated by the Wall in the northern West Bank found an Israeli military order declaring that the lands isolated behind the Wall formed a “demarcation border” and prohibiting passage to these areas almost entirely. The orders, which constitute a grave and blatant next step in Israel’s illegal […]

“Access Gates”: Jayyus Municipality Appeal Highlights Wall’s Institutionalization and Relentless Humiliation

On Tuesday October 6th, the Municipality of Jayyus, a village in the Qalqiliya district which is separated from 72% of its land by the Wall, sent out an appeal for support for residents’ to reach their land. There are two “access gates” in Jayyus which are claimed by the Israeli military to be for farmers […]