Toronto Protestors at the Israeli Consulate Demand – “Tear Down the Wall, The Wall Must Fall!”

On Sunday, November 9 about 100 vocal demonstrators gathered in front of the Israeli Consulate in downtown Toronto to demand an immediate end to the Israeli Apartheid Wall and to educate the public about the severe impacts the Wall is having on the lives of Palestinians. ***image2***In a powerful display, a giant ‘mock wall’ was […]

Protestors in Wroclaw, Poland Block Main Promenade for One Hour in Protest Against the Apartheid Wall

***image3***In a strong show of solidarity with Palestinians and demonstrators worldwide on November 9, demonstrators in Wroclaw, Poland blocked the city’s main promenade for an hour to highlight the atrocity which is Israel’s Apartheid Wall. About 50 people from a variety of Polish solidarity organizations, including Anti-War Coalition Wroclaw, Amnesty International, Polish Greens Party,, […]

Bristol Demonstrators Tells Shoppers – Don’t Support Israel’s Apartheid Wall and Unjust Occupation

To mark their solidarity with Palestinian mobilization on November 9, members of the International Solidarity Movement in Bristol built a representation of the Apartheid Wall in Palestine out of cardboard boxes outside of the Marks and Spencer store at the Mall Bristol. The giant representation was designed to demand public recognition of the illegal and […]

French Activists Demonstrate Against the Wall of Shame and Annexation

***image3***Saturday, November 8th, Solidarité Palestine, les Femmes en Noir (Women in Black) Americans Against the War and other French solidarity groups demonstrated in Paris and Caens to bring down the Israel’s illegal Apartheid Wall. Demonstrators rallied at the Fontaine des Innocents for 2 hours and passed out strong statements condemning Israeli and American policies of […]

Sydney Joins Palestinian National and International Call to Action Against the Apartheid Wall

On November 9th, in solidarity with the popular resistance in Palestine, over 400 people marched through the city of Sydney to condemn the Israeli Apartheid Wall and Occupation policies. Protestors took to the streets their message of support for Palestine as powerful speakers, including local politicians, public figures and local community activists demanded an end […]

Hundreds in Madrid Join in Solidarity with Palestine to Bring the Wall Down!

On November 8, in solidarity with International Day Against the Wall, a diverse coalition of hundreds protested in the streets of Madrid to demand that Israel’s Apartheid Wall fall. The demonstration, called Puerta del Sol (Door of the Sun), rallied against the construction of the Wall as a “crime against humanity”. Demonstrators gathered to show […]